Chapter 25

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Zayn's POV

After a few hours of training by doing so many different drills and doing so many things that had literally made me feel like my muscles were going to fall off, I was finally given a break. I walked over and got my water bottle and took a long drink of that. I looked around the personal gym that was in Harry's house and realized I hadn't seen him today. I know he's probably not up for seeing people after his fight, but I consider him the closest thing to begin my best friend so I wanted to talk to him.

I slipped on my loose tank top and left the room to wander around the huge house until I found myself upstairs outside Harry's bedroom. I knocked lightly before opening on of the double doors and slipping into the dark room. There was only a lump in the covers of the huge bed.

"Harry?" I asked quietly. He groaned as an answer to me and rolled over slowly in his bed. I walked over to the side on his bed and sat there. There was only a little light coming in from the curtains, letting me see just how banged up Harry looked. His curly hair was a mess and his eyes were blacked, but he still managed a little dimpled smile at me.

"Why didn't you tell me you were fighting pro now?" I asked him quietly. He sighed and sat up slowly with allot of grunting and groaning. I wanted to make a comment that my four month pregnant boyfriend can move faster than him, but I saw the actual pain he was in and decided against it. I helped him get situated enough to talk to me. He ran his hand through his hair, but even that looked like it was allot for him to do.

"I didn't tell anyone but Lou and my coach. I didn't even expect to win, but I didn't expect to loose that bad. My coach told me I was ready for more, but I'm no Zayn Malik. I'm not a pro fighter." He chuckled to me sadly. I rolled my eyes at him and pat his leg to get his attention fully on me.

"Before I fought you, I was terrified. You were undefeated, you were pretty much everything I wasn't ready to fight. The only reason I beat you was because you called me a street rat and I got mad. You're a great fighter, Harry. I think you've just been dealt a few bad matches, but that doesn't mean you aren't every bit of professional as Liam Payne." I told him. He smiled and got my hand in his huge hand. We both just looked at each other with this feeling like there was something we wanted to say, but we couldn't. It was almost a calm before the storm of a conversation that we needed to have.

Mark had already talked to me this morning about how many pro fighters were literally lining up to fight me. I suddenly became this object people looked at as a challenge for themselves. For me, I saw it as money opportunities, but Mark saw it as a way for me to get killed. He seems to think I have a death wish because I want to do those fights. For me, it's a chance to be able to fight one fight and get allot of money then spend more time with Niall and our baby than always being in the gym or in the ring.

"I heard a rumor that Payne wanted you. He wants to put you in your place." Harry told me slowly. I nodded because that was the exact reason Mark was at my house so early in the morning when I could have been cuddling my boyfriend. He was afraid I was going to agree to it without his consent, but really it's Niall I'm worried about. I know how hard fights are on him for some reason and I don't want him stressing about anything. I want to do it, but the whole discussion about it with Niall is what I'm dreading. It's also way I'm planning on not talking to him about it until it's an actual off Liam Payne wants to make.

"It's only a rumor. Plus, I won't fight him because I need allot more time training to beat him. But let's be real here, I'm not good enough to even be under the same arena roof as him much less the same boxing ring as him. He's like royalty." I told my friend. Harry only laughed and started getting out of his bed. That was when I got a big surprise of seeing he was naked.

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