Chapter 7

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"You knew Jisoo likes her,don't you?"Junghan asked,casually leaning to the locker next to SeungCheol's.SeungCheol sighed,as he pulled out a few notebooks and shoves them into his backpack before slamming the locker shut."I liked her too.And she likes me.So why not?It's not like she likes Jisoo or something."SeungCheol states,frustrated.JungHan nodded in agreement,as both of them headed to their homeroom.

'It was frustrating.The others had already told me that Jisoo was crushing on her for like the millionth time.Was it wrong for me to go for the girl I like?Its not like I'm stealing her away from him!She said she likes me too so what's the matter?'SeungCheol's inner voice spoke.


All of the seventeen members got a text from SeungCheol.

Meet up at my place tonight.Im throwing a party for the celebration of me and _____ started dating tonight.7pm onwards.You guys will be dead if you don't come on time.

Everyone cheered when the read the message.I mean,who wouldn't be pumped up if one of your buddy is throwing a party?However,there are two faces that doesn't look amused.
Jisoo Hong and Lee Chan,no doubts.Lee Chan's heart broke the moment when SeungCheol announces his relationship with her.'Maybe we are not meant to be,'Lee Chan said to himself,taking a deep breathe as he looks up into the sky.

On the other side,Joshua didn't know what to do.He was in a state of daze.He only knew that he felt jealous to see the girl he likes being with his hyung.He was his hyung,but there was no way he would give up his love for her.Determined was his first name.

He wish he could come face to face with SeungCheol for her,but then he realised he can't.SeungCheol is the only one who managed to win her heart and make her happy.All the while she was crushing on him so why should he be jealous?He should've expect this day to come.

He just realised he couldn't give up on you,so he went to Vernon for help."Hansol!"he yelled,and a a foreign looking guy across the hallway turns around and looked at him,frowning because everyone is staring at them.Vernon rushes over to him and muttered "Embarrassing,"at the elder.Well,in this situation he would care less.He only wanted his advice.

Both Vernon and Joshua headed towards the cafeteria since they are having free period right now.They bought themselves each a cup of hot coffee before settling themselves on one of the tables in the cafeteria.

"So...I guess you've heard about _____ and SeungCheol..."Joshua started.Vernon nodded,sipping his coffee carefully before returning his gaze to Joshua." was said that she likes him too,"Vernon stated,feeling sorry for the elder but hey,that was not what he could control,right?Jisoo nodded."So what are you going to do..."Vernon asked,stirring his coffee,before he continues, "To forget or giveup on her?"he asks.Joshua looked down at his latte.He suddenly realised that love is like a latte.They look great and tastes perfect when its hot;but when it cools down,it doesn't taste as good as before.When you stir them,they'll not be perfect as they were before.

"Uhm...bro?"Vernon waves in front of him."Oh sorry...I was too immersed in my own thoughts...What did you say again?"Joshua asked him while snapping back into reality."What are you going to do about her?"Vernon asks,again.Joshua sighed."Whatever it takes me.There's no way I would give up,"he states."Desperate,"Vernon commented,flashing a teasing smile.Joshua didn't make any conversation anymore.His mind needed some peace after dealing with these things.

Just then,something popped out of Vernon's mind."Hey Joshua,I knew how I can help you,"he said,grinning brightly."What,"Joshua's eyes lit up with hope."Leave this to me,I know what to do,"Vernon said,winking.Joshua frowned at him."Just tell me,"Joshua said,hitting his arm."You trust me,don't you?"Vernon states,sticking out his fist to initiate a fist bump with him.Knowing that Vernon was the only one left who could help him,and he knew he could trust Vernon,so he reaches his fist to his and bumped lightly.

"Gotta go,"Vernon said,smiling."And remember,be positive,"Vernon said,before leaving.

Joshua was left behind with an empty coffee cup and a cool latte.
Is it possible for him to get _____?

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