1: Endure it

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"Hey everyone! Welcome to my new fanfic. I have a really good idea for this one so I hope you all will like it! Please note everything here is fictional.



Han Rika's POV

Pledis Entertainment.

Meeting room.

I hesitated with my hand on the door knob.

I didn't want to see them again, that brat and her disgusting mother who I would rather die than call her my appa's wife.

No, I shouldn't even be calling him appa.

I don't have an appa. Not after he decided to abandon eomma and me. Well, he didn't abandon me. He asked me to stay. With his new bitch and her awful daughter? Hell no. I wasn't going to leave eomma alone. I'd rather die.

I take another deep breath to force myself to face him. Not because I want my 'appa' back. No. I don't need a father like him. I just need his money.

For eomma.

Think of eomma lying in the hospital bed all alone, Rika.

Do you want her to be all alone, in pain?

No. Of course not.

Then just get this over and done with.

You can put your pride down for eomma, can't you?

You're strong enough to endure it, aren't you?

Yes. Anything for eomma.

Anything for her.

She was the only one who stayed by me all this time, my eomma. Even when my father's family wanted to disown me because I was a girl. What so bad about being a girl? Some day I will show you what me, a girl can do. I will make them regret wanting to disown me. Because of them appa abandoned eomma and me. I don't understand wealthy families. How can someone be so heartless, to his own wife, to his own daughter? The thought of them makes me want to laugh. I feel ashamed to be having the same blood as such ridiculous people. And then my father remarried, only to have, what, another daughter?

Why didn't you disown them like you did to me then, father?

Excuses. All just excuses.

He was probably cheating on eomma with that woman all along.

But he can't deny that you are his daughter.

That's right. He can't. I know well enough he's heartless. But as heartless as he is, I'm still his daughter. Eomma needs that money for her treatment fees.

He hasn't been providing us with anything all these years eomma and I lived alone, in a small flat. Eomma had to work everyday, and I did too, after school. Now eomma's sick and I myself working while still having school isn't enough to support the two of us at all. Eomma won't even tell me how she's sick and what she's sick with, but looking at how weak she is, I know its nothing simple.

I can't-I can't let her- anything happen to her. She's the only one I have now. Without her I have nothing left in this world to live for.

I feel tears rising to my eyes but angrily swipe them away.

Now's not the time to cry. I don't have time to be weak.

I need to be strong. Stronger. Stronger for myself, stronger for eomma.

I need to put my pride down. Ask my father for help.

Despite all the crap I know I'm getting myself into, I will help eomma.

I take a deep breath and twist the golden door knob. As I'm about to push the door open, someone yanks the door open from the other side. Because of my iron tight grip on the door knob, I feel myself fall through air as the door is swung open and I close my eyes, ready for the impact.

Surprisingly, the impact never comes. I find myself in someone's grasp, and whoever that is holds me gently with his hands wrapped around my shoulders.

I don't need my father and his new family to see me like this for the first time in years, so I quickly support myself up and bow a thank you to my saviour.

In front of me are more than ten boys who look about my age. I barely glance at my saviour and their faces but I can already tell that they're all dashingly handsome. Of course. Probably trainees, or idols. I don't know. I don't have this kind of time to waste on following idols, much less ones from my father's entertainment company. I don't want to have anything to do with people he chose. Sure, they're handsome. But judging by the wife and brat of a daughter he chose to keep, I have zero faith in his ability to chose trainees with good character. People need to be beautiful or handsome inside, not just outside.

I look past the group of boys with no emotion on my face and look to my father, President Han, sitting in his chair. The proud expression on his face fades when he looks into my eyes in recognition. He sits up, coughing to get the boy's attention.

"Seungcheol, bring the boys back to the dorm. Rest and be ready for tomorrow's recording." He instructs in an authoritative voice. The boys nod and bow slightly before turning, their straight faces turning into smiles as soon as their back is turned to him.

Huh. Maybe they don't like him that much either.

The group of boys shuffle out of the door past me, some glances lingering on me with concern or maybe even pity. I know, my eyes might look puffy and I walked all the way here right after school on foot. I know, I might be in my school uniform. I know, I don't have time to put on makeup and half of you boys would make better girls than me right now. I know, I don't have time to spare like you all, prettying myself like a normal girl, but the last thing I want from anyone is pity.

I stood my ground, eyes still trained on him with no emotion on my face. It's obvious he doesn't want anyone to know that I'm his daughter.

"And close the door, Dino." He calls out to the last boy.


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