The Prolouge

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"Mmm we can't tony already expect something so he won't find out." August says.

"August I'm pregnant." he stops when he hears me say those words.

"What I'm pregnant." He smirks

"But Ima kill it." he push me on the wall chocking me.

"What you said Ima kill it no you not killing my child August we can't keep doing this I don't want loose my husband to fucking a prisoner."

"How about once ya have the baby can give him or her to my ma what bout I tell ya later." he kiss down my neck roughly. I can't believe tony always want a child but I didn't have time because I work so much to think on what a great husband I have.
Now I'm pregnant buy a criminal.

"I'll be back stay hea." I ran out of the cell and never looked back. I got into my Mercedes and drove off quickly as I could.

I went home and seen tony come from the shower. "What wrong baby?" "Nothing!" I'm Just tried okay?"

"I'm going to run your bathwater okay?"

What the hell did I get myself into...................

Finally Refixed it. Sorry at least SOME OF YALL understand. Wattpad doesn't put the update on old chapters.

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