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"Don't you dare walk away from me! Come back!" Mackenzie shouts as I stop, roll my eyes as I turn around. She stomps towards me with anger written on her face as she stops right in front of me. I don't know if this is the part where I would get scared or something, but for some reason I didn't feel that scared anymore. I got this. I know who she is but she doesn't. That's what I have, and she doesn't. Advantage comes to my side. "I don't want to make a big deal out of this just for the sake of your good." I say as I put on a tired face. "Excuse me? I befriend you, and now you're breaking the precious thin glass which is now rolling on the table, waiting for it to just roll over the wrong side, and drop as it crashes, and breaks into TINY pieces? That's what you want?" she asks. "Exactly. It was tipped, and went to the wrong direction as it falls over, and breaks into tiny pieces of glass. Never be able to get them back together." I say as I smirk at her. "No you didn't!" she says angrily as she stomps to her seat, and comes back with a bowl of wet juicy spaghetti. What the...? A guy comes walking towards us, as he walks through both of us. Just when the juicy wet spaghetti comes flying... Which was directed towards me, but then it hit the guy before it came to me. He was reaching out to put the lunch tray back when that happened. Mackenzie looks pissed off on how she missed me, I was surprised, and felt so sorry for him because that was what was supposed to have happened to me.. Not him!! Oh no... He took a glance at it, and I couldn't quite read the expression on his face... Normal..? Calm..? He faces Mackenzie, and says, "Try to see that violence cause trouble." he says calm;y as she stomps her feet at him. He ignores her as he goes out of the Cafeteria. I stand there frozen for a second or two, but then run after him. I needed to say thank you, and sorry... "WAIT UP!" I shout after him. He turns back, and stops as I catch up with him. "I'm sorry... For that.. I'm apologizing for Mackenzie.. If only you would accept it.. I don't even know why I care about apologizing for her since I'm not her friend or anything to her anymore... Whatever.. But I really am sorry... For the t-shirt... That should have been on me..." I say as I look at the orange stain Mackenzie created. "I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me or my t shirt. I did that on purpose. So that she would learn her lesson to stay away from you." he says as he gives me a small smile. "Wait.. Jungkook right? I have a spare shirt... It's my brother's.. I'm sure it would fit you. Please... It's the least I can do." I say as I hold up the plain red t shirt. He hesitates before he comes back to me as he takes the t shirt. I have to say... He makes a good (not first but) impression. Stay away from you. Kind of touched my heart... Hmm.. I knew him only as a Math partner... But, of course everyone has the inside with them. I wonder how I would be now.. Since I don't have to be so fake anymore... Who would I show my real personalities to..? What am I going to do... 

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