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"HEYY!! MINA!! YOU WANT TO COME OVER HAVE GET HYPER!?!?" a voice shouts in my ear the moment I accepted the call. V oppa. Obviously. "Uh... Umm.. I'm kind of in the middle of my-" I start but Jungkook grabs the phone, and interrupts me before I can end my sentence. "You HAVE to come. PLEASE! I BEG YOU!! It's going to be SO much fun with you!" he says. "Wow.. Umm.. You know.. I'm kind of in the middle of my study..." I say as I trail off in guiltiness. "Okay... I'll be there. Never mind of what I just said.. I should be glad I have friends.." I say as I sigh, and let go in the pen I was writing with, and stretch. "Come down. I'm in front of your house." he says as I open my eyes wide, and run to my balcony. There he stood, waving his hand at me. o-o "Yah! What if you get a cold or something..? What if I said no..?" I ask as I frown at him. "I just knew you would say yes, and it's worth it haha." he says as he smiles at me. "I'll be down in 5 minutes." I say as I cut the call, and get ready in some leggings, and a big sweater. I run down with my phone, and put on my shoes as I run out side to greet V oppa, and Jungkook. "Heyy~" V oppa says with a greeting smile. "Hiya~" I say as I hug him in greeting. Jungkook pouts as I roll my eyes, and hug him as well. "Okay. Let's go. And don't think about this as anything else cause this is how it is like in America. Skin ship. Hugs." I say as I point to them in warning. "Of course." they say as V oppa smirks at me. "And don't smirk at me!" I say as I squint my eyes at him. "Whatever you say~" he says with a smile. -.-

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"Hello~ I'm here. We can start now ahahaha!" I say as I enter into the big house. "Hey Mina." J Hope greets as he gives me a high five. "Aww~ Why no hugs fro him then?" V oppa asks with a smirk. "Hey! I warned you oppa!" I say pointing at the smirk. "Sorry. Hahahha." he says with a small laugh. I have to say they are different than other idols. Seriously. Never had a friend who was an idol star hahah. It's fun. Actually. ;) Not bad at all. If you take the part out in falling for them, and having to deal with the fans of course.. If that ever happens hahaha. I doubt it. :33 But I guess it won't be bad at all if they actually liked me back. :D Jungkook. J Hope oppa. Hmm.. I don't think I would need to pick.. Since I doubt they like me back in the first place.. If they do.. Then we'll see about that when we get there. Hahaha.. If that happens. IF for the first time in forever my crush likes me back. Haha.. We'll see. We'll just have to wait. ;)

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