The penalty

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"Not bad!?!?! What's the point of a penalty then... -.-" I ask as I raise my eyebrow. "Wait until you hear it Mina. =.=" J Hope oppa says as he points to the paper with the penalty. "Fine. Go ahead.." I say as I groan. "I dare you to dress like a girl. Let the other team dress you up. Not bad don't you think?" he asks with a hopeful smile. I give my team the evil grin as we jump up, and down in joy. "Are you kidding me!??! How is that not-so-bad!?!?" Suga oppa asks as he takes the paper, and reads it out himself. "Who wrote this... -.-" Namjoon oppa asks. "I did!" I ask as I put my hand up high proudly. "Of course.." J Hope oppa says as he shakes his head at me. Was he the one who just said that the dare wasnt's so bad.. -.- "You're welcome." I say with a smirk as I bow. "Let's DO this!" Jimin oppa says as he jumps up high in the air in excitement. The other team just shakes their heads in hopelessness.. 

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"Are you sure you're a boy?" I ask as I put makeup on J Hope oppa. V oppa got to dress Jin oppa, Jimin oppa got to dress Namjoon oppa, and Jungkook oppa got to dress Suga oppa. xD It all worked out, and we would show others how we did hahah. ;) "Yes... Please.. Oh my god.. This is so.. Embarrassing.. ><" he say as he looks down at his feet. "Oppa. Please look up. I'm almost done. HAHA" I say as I smile. "Ugh... The day I lose my charisma..." he says with a sigh. "It's okay. You look pretty. Hahahah" I say as I touch up on the last detail. "Thank you.. I think.." he says as he smiles a bit. "You're welcome. It's a compliment." I say with a smirk. "Haha.." he says as he looks at me in the eyes.. Oh... No.. Don't do this. AHEM AHEM!! PAY ATTENTION!! >< "Okay. All done." I say as I snap a picture of his girly look. "Ahhh... Okay.. Umm.. Mirror please.. ><" he says as I hand him the mirror. "Ooh~ Not bad Mina. Not bad at all." he says as he looks up, and down himself. "I know right? People can definitely get confused if you're a boy or a girl. xD" I say with a laugh. "Don't go too far okay?" he says as he hands me back the mirror. "Show time." I say as I lead him out of the bathroom. We go out as I put a book in front of his face. Planning to open in 3. "Okay. Ready? 1, 2, 3!" we say as we get the book out of their faces. "OH MY GOD!" we all shout in shock. Hahahha. They all looked good really. "Oh my god.. You guys are literally girls.." I say as I shake my head at them. "I know right?" Namjoon oppa says in a girly tone as he flips his fake hair back. "HAHAHAH!" we all laugh so hard. OMG MOMENTT!!! >< I take pictures of each of them as I laugh uncontrollably. This was EPIC!! XD 

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