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"I'll take that." I say as I snatch his shirt from his hand. He looks at me puzzled as I smile and say, "Laundry. The least I could to when I mess someone's clothes." I say as as I fold the t shirt, and put it in my bag. "Okay.. But really.. You're not the one who messed my shirt. Mackenzie should be doing this. Not you." he says. "Well, as her ex- friend, the best thing I can do to her then." I say with a smirk. "Why were you ever them." he asks out of nowhere. I freeze for a second, but put on a smile as I reply, "Because I didn't know they were like this, I didn't know I would turn this way, I didn't know I wouldn't be able to let out my real self, no one else cared to invite me to their table which is weird because they are the least possible person I thought would invite me to have lunch with them. I never thought they would like me. Turns out I'm the one who doesn't like them. I want to be myself not what other people want me to be." I say. "Good choice." he says with a smirk. "Wait... Rewind rewind. Hello. My name is Mina. You're Jungkook correct?" I say with a smile. He chuckles a bit before he answers. "Yes. And Mina, what makes you think I don't know your name?" he asks with an eyebrow raised. "Well, I didn't know you knew me even though... Yeah I hung out with Mackenzie.. Well... I don't know... I just never thought you would know my name I guess...?" I reply. "Well, then I never knew you would know a guy's name when they are not even popular. Just normal. Nothing more." he says. "Hey! Don't say that! I think normal is better than being popular.. Being popular is so... Well, it might be a thing for some people, but I guess it's just not me.. And yes of course I know your name." I say as I give him the look. "Well, then. Would you be willing to sit with my, and my friends during lunch? It won't be like before where you'll have to pretend to be someone. I'm sure they'll all like you." he says with a welcoming smile. "Thank you! Oh my god... Thank you so much!! T_T But.. How do you know that I won't pretend to be someone else in front of them..? >~<" I ask with my eyebrow raised. "Because they're even more crazy." he says with a wink. 

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"Okey... This is creepier that I thought it would be.. What if they don't like me? What if I don't make a good impression, what if-" I start but he cuts me off.. =.= "Stop with the what ifs... -.- You think too much on what might happen... -.-" he says as he shakes his head at me. "Yeah, I do." I say as I hit him playfully in the arm. "Calm down. I know they'll love you." he says as he ruffles my head as I look down at the ground blushing. From the day I met him in Math class, I had this crush on him just that I ignored it when I was with Mackenzie people.. -.- I would blush when I'm around him... Hah... Love sick.. Hopeless... No offense J Hope oppa.. "Stop making me blush!" I blurt out as he smirks. T0T He's so perfect... >~< 

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