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I hear V oppa's phone ringing. "Let's go. I did what I did even though I didn't get to show you the thing.. -.-" he says as he puts his phone in his pocket. "Aren't you going to answer?" I ask as I nod to his phone. "Let's go get you happy." he says as he leads back to the kitchen. Ringg ringg my phone rings from my bag as I walk towards it. I put in my password as V oppa tries to look into my screen. -.- "Yes?" I ask as I put my phone behind my back. "Nothing.. Sorry." he says as he clears his throat. "Okay.." I say as I enter my password (and guess what my password is.. HAHA it's so cheesy... >.< 'tellmethatkookieandiweremeanttobe' XD don't laugh at me... I know you do it too... Or not... -.- Ahem... Let's go back. I wait till the lagging screen as it finally loads, and O_O "OMG SOMEONE JUST HACKED MY PHONE! JEON JUNG KOOK!?!" I ask as I run upstairs to his room. "This really isn't the way it's supposed to turn out... -.-" V oppa mumbles as I enter his room. He opens his eyes wide as he blushes. "What? Did I do something? Woah. No. This isn't my line... This is your line... YAH! HOW DARE YOU HACK MY PHONE! AND I KNOW IT'S YOU! YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE WHO WOULD DO THIS!" I shout at him as he looks puzzled at me. "Why are you giving me that look... -.-" I ask as I frown. "Umm... Did you really see what it is..?" he asks as he mentions my phone. "Umm.. No. I didn't need to. I just know that my beautiful Jungkook's face-" I stop immediately stop before I continue. o_o THEN THIS MEANS THAT HE KNOWS MY BACKGROUND WAS HIS FACE BEFOREE O_O "Yeah... I noticed there was a handsome guy in your background... Hmm... Who was he..?" he asks dramatically tapping his chin at me. "Oh lord... >.<" I mumble as I start walking back and forth. "Before you do anything else, read, and see what the background is... -____-" he says as he shakes his head, and leaves the room. I frown in confusion as I go through the password, and look carefully at what the background was. o_o OMG! O_O OMG!!!! You're never going to believe what it was..... O_O

A picture of him with a handful of rose, kneeling down on his knees, and the text in front said, "Will you be my girl friend?" o_o OMG OMG OMG!! JUST OMG! O_O "JEON JUNG KOOK!" I shout as he runs upstairs to me. Before he spots me, I come out of no where as I hug him tightly. "YES!" I shout beofre any other girl can. "Yes yes yes yes yes! And yes forever!" I say as I smile in his arms. "YES!" he shout as he smiles in excitement. "And before you change your back ground or something, make sure you screen shot it, and send it to me also, and KEEP ONE YOURSELF!" he says as I follow his orders. "You just have to promise me that you won't send this to anyone else!" I say as I get all close to him. "Haha. Of course. With you. Forever. xD" he says as he ruffles my hair. "That's right." I say as I smirk, and press send. "He smiles as leans in, leans in, and leans in until... >.< You all know what it was. xD It felt so magical.... :) Just like the ones in my dreams haha. Now shhh! We see in the corner of our eyes, V oppa smiling at us with proudness written in his face. "Forever?" he asks. "Forever." I say as I kiss him one more time. xD Can't get to much of it. Never. xD


THE END~ AND OF COURSE HAPPILY EVER AFTERR! I'll leave the rest of it to your imaginations if you want. xD I am trying to do fanfics for every single members of BTS. I'm getting there if you were waiting for that. I'm just looking for the perfect ideas... >.< I have written, and am writing fanfics right now. Juggling a lot of stories at once. I may not update every single day or 2 or 3 I don't know so excuse me for that. Give me ideas, suggestions, and things you want in the story! I'll try to fit them in. :D PLEASE CHECK OUT THE OTHER STORIES! THANK YOU~ Have a good day~ :)

-Sunny Hwang-

I just started a new Jungkook fanfic, and I have started another V fanfic. I'm soon going to upload first chapters for J Hope, Suga, and Jin. ;) I'LL TRY TO MAKE IT SOON! PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT! Have a great say, and smile. xD

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