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"Welcome to our dorm room Mina~ :3" V hyung greets as he holds the door for her to come in. "Thank you... Is there something going on? Cause I can feel the strangeness here..." she says as I tense up in alert... She was too fast in recognizing something strange. o_o "Nothing is strange... Well, aren't we always strange... Think about it." he says as I nod in agreement. "Hmm... Yeah. You're right. Haha." she says as she nods her head. I run downstairs as I smile. "Hey Mina~" I say to her. "Hey Jungkook~" she says as she high fives me. "I need to show you something. But... You might want to leave our bag here." he says as he nods to me in my cue. "What happened to you guys!? o_o Is there really something going on cause I don't think you've ever said that or done anything like that or... ARE YOU PLANNING TO DRAG ME INTO SOME KIND OF DIFFERENT FORTUNE TELLER NOW!?" she asks as she squints her eyes at us. "No... -.- We're not that bad..." I say as I shake my head at her. "I trust you." she says as she leaves her bag on the table, and follows V hyung to that somewhere. 

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Mina's POV-

"Where are we even going... -.-" I ask as I frown at him. "Somewhere... Just follow." he says as he leads me to somewhere. "-.- Just trust me, and follow. I'm not going to bite. Well unless you want me to haha" he says as he smirks at me. "No thank you." I say as I shake my head. "I'm kidding.. -___-" he says as he send me a disappointed look. "Of course.." I say as I shake my head at him a bit. "I'm not that bad am I?" he asks as he looks at me seriously. "Why? Is there someone you're specially worried about? Worried that they will look at you in a way you don't want them to look at you in?" I ask with a smirk. "Tell me." he says with a pout. I have to say he was irresistible. -.- But... Kookie... Ha... Ha... Just ha... "Ahem... You tell me who it is first. -.-" I say as I resist on giving him the answer. "Tell me. I'll use the information usefully." he says with a anxious face. "Fine. You guys are perfect.. -.- Nothing more needed... You guys all have your own good things that will catch the girl's attentions. For you, it's your cute face, and random, cute, silly personality. 4D alien. :33 Keep it up. She'll get to you soon or she already is." I say as I pat his head. "Thanks... What about our little Jungkookie?" he asks. "Well, for him, it's everything- AHEM... What are you trying to do to me..? Get the truth out of me!? -___- Not going to be that easy. Don't." I say as I fold my arms at him. "Oooh~ You think he's perfect in every corner~" he chats as he sends me a smirk. "YA! OPPA! SHUT UP!" I say as I put my hand over his mouth. "I envy you." he says as he gives me a smile. "Okay... Thank you? But why?" I ask as I frown. "Young love. xD" he says. "You're not old. You're young also... -.- ARMYs give you infinity love. Heh. :33 OH! NO YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET AWAY WITHOUT TELLING ME WHO THAT GIRL IS!" I say as I get back to his interest on that girl. "What do you think... -..- It's my girlfriend... ARMY! DUH!" he says as he gives me he duh look. Right... "Right... Ha! You're a good person. You don't break that ARMY's hearts. <3"  I say as I nod in proudness. xD "Now, going back to you. What is that you like about Jungkook? xD" he asks with a smirk. "I'll tell you if you promise to close that mouth." I say as I make a deal. "You're on. Go on." he says. "I could go on and on about him..I wouldn't be able to finish in forever. :33 HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT PERFECT GUY!! HE'S GOOD IN EVERYTHING! JUST LIKE, WOW! GOLDEN MAKNAE 황금막내! JUST LIKE THAT!!! O_O HE'S JUST PERFECT THE WAY HE IS!! Okay... I should stop shouting... >.< Not good for my voice, and he might be able to hear haha.. That would jsut be sad.." I say as I shake my head. "How would it be sad..?" he asks with an eyebrow raised. "Well, I know he doesn't like me like that so... Yeah... You know.. One-sided love... >.<" I say as I look down at the ground. "Have hope. I'm sure you'll be happy in any minute." he says with a smirk. "Thanks..? I don't know if I an agree to that though.. >.<" I say as I give him the crooked smile. "Trust me." he says as he smiles widely. 

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