The new girl

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I dedicate this to my friend; ChanyeolFanfics who has supported me a lot when I started writing on Wattpad, which was just a week ago.. She is an awesome writer. We're doing a collab writing as soon as possible on BTSFREAK please go check it out~ 


"OMG did you see that new girl yet? She looks so perfect.. I'm sure she'll hang out with Mackenzie's group.. (Cute & Popular & Perfect) "She is so hot" "Look at her! She's a goddess!" everyone said as they peeked through the counselor's room where the new girl, Mina Song was sitting, patiently for her schedule to come out. "Hello Mina. We're so glad to have you here today. Not very many new students come here to this school. We're very glad you're here though. We really appreciate it." the counselor says to Mina. "Oh thank you. That means a lot to me." Mina says with a smile. "Well then. We don't want you to be late on the first day of school! Here's your schedule. I'm sure any of the classmates will help you find the rooms if you have any trouble with that. Have fun, and welcome to the Whom high school." the counselor says as she hands her schedule to Mina. "Thank you miss." she says as she heads glances through her schedule. First was... Math.. Not bad, but could be better.

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Mina's POV-

"Okay please introduce yourself."  the teacher says as I stand up. "Hello. My name is Mina, I have been traveling in different countries, so I am not fully fixed in the habit of Korea, so if you can be so kind, please help me.. >~<" I say as I blush a bit. "We're here for you." they says as some of the guys whistle. o-o? "Okay enough guys. We can see that she is pretty hot, but not right now. You have you times to go whistle at her later please." the teacher says as she puts her glasses on. Okey... That was kind of awkward.. >~< "Please go sit next to Jungkook over there." she says as she points to a kind looking guy who was reading his text book quietly. "Hello. I'm Mina. Of course.. You probably heard like a second ago.." I say as I hit my forehead. "I'm Jungkook." he says shortly as he smiles a bit but then goes back to reading his textbook. 

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"You're Mina right?" a girl with blonde hair, and a great fashion sense comes to my locker as she greets me with a smile. "Yeah. I'm Mina." I say as I smile back at her. "Of course you are.   I'm Mackenzie. Do you want to have lunch with us?" she asks. She looks like one of the girls in movies. Perfect, makeup, fashion, pretty.. "Sure!" I say with a huge smile on my face. "Okay. See you then~" she says as she waves at me a bit. YAY! I got a friend on the first day of school!


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