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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 24

Lewis’ POV

Sunday passed impossibly slowly, I spent the day searching the woods and fields around Colin’s house but of course I found nothing. It was half five on Monday morning and I was lying in Summer’s bed unable to sleep, all I could think was that I could be seeing her soon.

Just after six I got up, had a shower and got dressed. I wore the t-shirt that Summer loved and packed extra things in the bag that she loves. I couldn’t help being hopeful but a part of me was scared that this wouldn’t go how I wanted it to and we’d end up back here tonight without her.

I knocked on Henry’s door to wake him up and went downstairs for breakfast. I didn’t have to rush around and get out of the house to search so I had a lot of time on my hands. Mum cooked breakfast as usual and Dawn sat down looking through photos of Summer so the police could release a new one, luckily she didn’t ask my opinion.

Ten minutes later Henry came down and shortly after that Mum put plates down in front of us piled with fried food. We hung around for a little while and watched Dawn hand over the picture she’d chosen, Summer looks beautiful in it as always.

We parked down the road a little, behind an old barn so we were hidden from the road. “How long do you think he’ll be?” Henry asked so quietly I barely heard him.

“We’re in the car Henry, he can’t hear us! And I don’t know,” I replied, staring down the road. It was almost eight o’clock and we heard a car engine start. My heart started hammering in my chest and I felt a little sick. We watched as he drove down the road, I made sure to look at what he was wearing to make sure he was going to work, he had on a suit jacket so that must be where he was going.

I sighed heavily and we got out of the car. Please be in there Summer.  We quickly made our way to the back of the house, the window was closed this time and the door was locked. There was however a smaller window at the side of the house that was slightly open. After five minutes pulling at it, it finally opened and Henry climbed through as he was smaller.

He closed the window behind him and unlocked the back door; we needed to remember to lock it again when we left. “You take the downstairs, I’ll go up,” I said to him as I headed to the stairs. Last time I was here I only got to look downstairs so I definitely wanted to check out the top floor. Henry nodded and headed off into one of the rooms.

Upstairs was just as creepy, everything was spotlessly clean, he had bottles of sanitizer in every room. There was an overpowering smell of lemon coming from the bathroom; he must have cleaned it this morning. There were just two rooms left that I hadn’t searched, one must be his room.

I pushed the door open, just like all the other rooms it was overly clean. The bed was freshly made and nothing looked out of place, there wasn’t really much in here. There was a picture on the dressing table of a little boy, probably about five, a lady and man, which I guessed was Colin as a child and his parents. I took my time and searched through the draws and cupboards like I did in the other rooms and apart from cleaning products everywhere there was nothing else unusual, maybe just the lack of stuff.

My heart sunk as I opened the last door. Henry hasn’t found anything or I would have heard him and if I don’t find anything else in here then we could be going home without her or without a lead. If I found nothing then I know Henry would try to get me to drop it and move on to looking elsewhere and I didn’t want to do that yet, there was definitely something wrong here.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, peering into the room. This room was different to the rest of the house, it was tidy and clean like everywhere else but the decor was old fashioned. The bed covers looked a little worn and had light pink and cream flowers on it. There was a bookshelf filled with old tatty books. Did his Mum or Nan live here? Were the books and knitting stuff for her? If there was someone else here then surely there would be more things around the house like women’s shoes by the door and coats hanging up along with Colin’s. I squeezed my eyes shut and rubbed my temples. Am I thinking too much into this? Is he completely innocent?

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