Chapter 32- Mall Adventures

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Chapter 31

Mall Adventures



Less than a week 'till the Ball and I still had nothing to wear, and I still was going with Ty. Even though Luke and I had that little 'moment', doesn't mean I forgive him for putting me through this, but it did feel good to kick Carrie's ass. Luke is going to make it up to me, somehow. He isn't getting off that easily...

The adults grounded us for a week after the ball, even Carrie. When she came back all scraped up, she glared at me, but said nothing about our fight. I guess I underestimated her..a little. She just didn't want to get in trouble because she knows she initiated the fight. So suck on that. Her leg was broken and her face was scratched up. Not that bad. No one questioned why she was like that, not that I cared.

The parents, or in my case, parent, were looking at Luke and I with suspicious but we just whistled and got out of the I still wonder when Luke is going to say what he was going to say in the forest.

But you never really know with that boy. At the moment I am on Facebook, just looking at people's boring statuses about the ball. Blah, blah, blah. Then something caught my eye. 

Ty's status about us going to the ball together. Then also, he put his status as 'In a Relationship'. What the hell? He has a girlfriend? And he is taking me to the ball and he posted it on Facebook? I don't get it..But I really didn't think anything of it. I'm used to being the 'other girl', thanks to my whore status. I never really felt any guilt because technically, I'm helping them. I don't seduce the guys or anything. They come to me. It just shows the girls that their boyfriends are cheater. But somehow, the blame always falls on me. So the whole, 'Ty has a girlfriend' thing, didn't bother me one bit. If Ty is gonna be a cheating jerk, then let the girl find out herself.

Another thing that I noticed was that Luke put his relationship status as 'Single'. Well..that's a good thing..right? I wasn't sure what I felt. Maybe relief? Guilt? Happiness? I didn't really know. I was still on the outs on what Luke was to me and what I was to him. Sure, we are mates but it really is just a label right now. We weren't really mates. We didn't act like mates. But I guess that's what makes mates so special. You feel the pull, but it's you that has to put the work and feeling into the relationship. Lucas and I weren't doing that. We were still deciding on what to do and how to handle all this. 

I sighed to myself and shut off my laptop. I stalked down the stairs on my two-story and into the kitchen. No one was home because they were all doing there different things. I went to the fridge and scoped out something to eat.



I was right in the middle of catching up my show, 'Nine Lives of Chloe King' and eating strawberries when my cell phone beeps. I I turned my room upside down looking for the darned thing, but I finally find my pocket. I look at the screen and see I got a text from Lucy.


Lucy: Dress shopping?  ;)


I grinned from ear to ear. Just what I needed..girl time. I texted her back immediately. I shut my laptop down, instantly forgetting my TV show.


Me: YES! Meet at the mall, 20 mins? ^_^


I sent the text and started to get ready. She texted me back a couple minutes later and agreed. Thank god. I can get a nice dress and hang out with friends.

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