Chapter Thirteen

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"My dreams are finally coming true, not just when I shut my eyes and sleep."


That day sucked. Hard, too.

It started off with my brand new school spirit shirt getting makeup stains on the front (and of course I did not notice until I left the house); then I left my English vocabulary conveniently by my printer, resulting in a zero I definitely did not need; plus the yogurt I found in the fridge and packed into my lunch was anything but edible. I nearly skipped the rest of the school day because of how sick I felt.

The worst had yet to happen shockingly enough. That blessing was waiting for me when I got home and popped my phone out to text Abby about homework due tomorrow.

By the comfortable silence I had assumed my parents went out with Jacob somewhere since that was his last week home before heading back to school for a while. So I snuggled onto the couch, wrapped myself in a blanket, and flicked on a recording of The Flash. I had already seen every episode more than once, but I couldn't help it. The show was addicting and worth losing brain stems on as I watched it like a mindless drone.

I placed my phone beside me on the coffee table, but did not think much of it. Barry Allen was much better to stare at after all.

My mind was so set on how adorable The Flash was in his costume that I didn't notice the shadow casting over me. I continued popping candy in my mouth, too infatuated to care.

I did, however, see an arm literally hovering over me, it's path towards my phone. I instantly flew into Momma Bear mode and swatted the hand away, groaning.

"Jacob leave me alone." One interaction and he was testing my patience already.

His hand didn't budge though, so my eyes gradually went from his anchor wrist tattoo to his mischievous face. Ever since he found out about Clinton-- Clayton, he has been trying to get my phone to read through our messages.

"What do you have to hide, huh?" He asked with raised brows.

I smacked him across the face for the fun of it. That was a typical thing between us, especially when we were younger. He always treated me as if I were his pet so he would carry me everywhere like a rag doll. So eventually hitting Jacob became second nature.

He pressed his eyes shut for one second and nodded his head, taking that in. "If you are going to play like that then." When his eyes opened, and a fierce blue twinkled under the bad lighting, I should have handed my phone over without shame.

It wasn't as if I had anything juicy on my phone.

But no, I am my brother's sister after all, so I had to stand my ground.

Before I had a chance to process Jacob hopped over the couch, half of his body landing on mine, and in a blink of an eye my phone was in his grasp. It didn't matter that his prosthetic leg collided hard with the coffee table and probably left scuff marks; he had gotten my phone and because of that he was smiling like true idiot.

In his attempt to run and flee, Jacob jumped up with a start. "You'll never catch me now--" Before he could balance himself steady, his leg must have gave in after colliding with the table. I watched him fall to the ground - but more importantly I watched my phone leap out of hand, smashing into the floor with a loud bang.

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