Chapter Two

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"I wonder if anyone thinks of me when they can't fall asleep at night."


Thump, thump, thump.

The loud knocks echoed throughout the house making my eyes shoot awake. At first I thought I was imagining the whole thing, but after another set, I was certain. Squinting over at my alarm clock I winced when I made out five in the morning. Either those annoying Girl Scouts - that did pack a mighty hit - were starting business in the early hours or someone was trying to break through the front door. 

"Mor, far (mother, father)! The freaking door!" I yelled out for my parents while attempting to rub the sleep out of my eyes. After a minute passed and I received no answer I put my glasses on. "Of course I would have to be the one to get it." I muttered. "Selvfølgelig (of course)."

Against all my wishes I sat up straight, fixing my glasses to sit on the bridge of my nose. Fatigue passed through me; the thought of curling back in bed and ignoring the rather adamant person at the door sounding better and better. Even so I made my way out the door, a frown plastered on my face. At least it wasn't a school day, I attempted to reason. Now that would have made me angry

All of a sudden when I entered the living room the pounding stopped. Had they gone away? There was a tiny bit of hope in me, but it only got crushed when it started back up again. What teases.

I blinked a few times before pressing my eye to the peephole.

"Nå tuller du med meg (You must be kidding me)." I mumbled. 

The pests were not Girl Scouts this time around. Instead they were two of my past close friends Zeke Sams and Mateo Raeken. I preferred the scouts more than them.

"What the hell guys?" I whispered, anger laced between my words the best they could without drawing the attention of my parents. If they knew these two were here they would send them packing. "It is five in the morning!"

"I am sorry, I didn't know I missed an episode of no shit Sherlock." Zeke rolled his blue eyes. His hair was relaxed, falling over his forehead as if he woke up like that. "But c'mon, we are going to play some right now. Bring an extra pair of clothes though because we're gonna hang after."

My English wasn't the best, but I knew every word he said. Yet I kept waiting for a question. The question asking me if I could even venture out at such a time. "Um, okay." I eventually answered their impatient gazes, that question never coming up. "One second."

Before the guys ended up barging into my house and demanding me to move faster I swiftly put clean clothes in my baseball bag, threw on sweats, then replaced my glasses for contacts. If I had taken a few seconds longer they would have stepped inside but when they saw me coming they stayed put. 

"I'm gonna go in my car," I told them. "You guys head out so I can write a note for my parents." 

Zeke breathed in, catching himself before he said something he shouldn't. He was a very organized person, and I guessed us driving in different vehicles wasn't apart of his original plan. He might have said extremely impulsive things, but his actions definitely weren't. So when he took India Logan to Homecoming and ended up sleeping with her, that wasn't a surprise to him - which was exactly why he had reserved a hotel room for that night. If she wasn't interested though, he wouldn't have forced her into anything, but he would have became disoriented. Upset. Confused, even. 

Mateo, on the other hand, was far more simple to pin down. With Zeke's matching blue eyes and brown, typically styled hair; he was a follower. 

"Alright," Zeke eventually said. He ran a hand through his hair. "See you there." I watched as the two hopped back in Zeke's car. "Better not slack in getting there like you do with running the bases!" Zeke yelled as he rolled down all of his windows so his loud music could be shared with the entire world. 

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