Chapter Three

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"Can't sleep at night. Can't get up in the morning."


"Wait, hold on one second! What happened?" 

I proceeded to jump up and down as I gripped onto J.K.'s hands. The moment after the music store fiasco with the Clayton Hugh, I basically dragged Jacklyn Kate out of her dance class. She was the one to drive me to the mall strip, and the original plan was for me to shop until she was finished with practice, but everything changed the moment Clayton approached me, spoke to me, and smiled at me. Then there was the fact he basically ran away from me, but I could throw that over my shoulder. 

My whole face was elated. "Clayton Hugh happened!" There was a lot more jumping. "He came up to me in The Tunes!" More jumping. I could feel the eyes on me but I did not care. "He even smiled at me, J.K. And oh my gosh it was beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning." 

Jacklyn Kate processed my story then soon enough she was bouncing up and down with me. "Seriously?" She gasped for both air and words. "What did you do?"

What a good question. It was such a good question that my feet fell back to the ground and off cloud nine when I realized I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was one hundred percent positive I stood there like a deer in the head lights. No wonder Clayton ran off! I scared him off. 

My smile gradually died down, along with J.K.'s happy jumping, so I covered my face in my hands. "Oh, God." I groaned. "I am such a loser." I felt the vile coming up my throat. 

Leave it up to Lucy Walker to scare off her crush. Who else would besides me? 

J.K. attempted to move my hands, all the while questioning me what was wrong, but I insisted in staying in that position. I wanted to hide from the world - more importantly, hide from Clayton Hugh the rest of my life. That was impossible though. I had to show my face at school on Monday and he would be there two desks in front of me in chemistry class. 

"I froze, J.K. Froze!" I began to pace on the corner of the street. Jacklyn Kate was not the best person at calming me down. If anyone was it was Abby. J.K. was trying her best though, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

J.K. was beginning to get overwhelmed. "Dude, calm down." She shushed me, no doubt peering around us and taking notice of the people staring. "I'm sure you didn't freeze that bad!"

I snorted into laughter. If I remembered clearly, then I did. Badly. 

When I made that birthday wish I should have mentioned the subtle addition of me not embarrassing myself when I finally got the chance to talk to him. Then again fate would have taken that and twisted it too somehow. 

"Ugh." I sighed, seating myself on the window sill of the nearest store. My head was beginning to spin. This was all too much for one day. For one crush-struck girl. "Sorry, Jacklyn Kate. . ." I glanced over at her with a small apologetic smile once I breathed. 

Her face was still contorted with confusion. "I sort of want to know everything that happened exactly, but I'm--I'm afraid you would freak out again." She confessed with a smirk. "But hey, the love of your life smiled at you, yeah? He probably thought you were a babe." Her right eye dropped into a wink. "He would be stupid not to."

I pushed at her shoulder lightly. "First off, he is not the love of my life!" When she gave me a jaded expression I only shook my head more, yet my smile remained. "And yeah right, like Clayton would think that when he has Courtney literally throwing herself at him."

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