Chapter Twenty-Four

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"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet."


If someone two months ago would have told me I would've been taking the dance so seriously, I would have laughed at them right in the face. It wasn't because I didn't enjoy a good party, because I definitely did on occasion, but this dance was different. It made me feel nervous. 

The first year I had moved to Ridgewood, it was pretty close to the fall dance. I barely knew anyone. Zeke and Mateo only gave me glances in classes, and I had no idea how to approach them, yet alone girls to ask to the dance. 

For some reason though, out of the blue, I had caught the interest of a senior girl. When word around the school went that she asked me to the dance, Zeke and Mateo swooped in on me. Zeke claimed he had chosen to take me under his wing, but Mateo later told me he just didn't want me taking that girl off the market. 

So, being the naive guy I was, I listened to Zeke when he had told me I was better off rejecting her offer and not going to the "lame" dance. Ever. 

Fast forward three years, and there I was doing my tie before Lucy's parents dropped her off at my house. 

Sighing at the mirror, I tried to tame a curl that was fighting against the load of hairspray my mom sprayed. 

"Hey there handsome," my mom knocked on the door, peeking her head in. "Mrs. Walker just let me know they are about to head here. I'm about to leave for work, too. So you should come out here."

I wanted to move and listen to her right away, but for some reason my feet were stuck to the ground. 

"You're nervous, huh, baby?" She cooed, coming to my side at once. There was a soft smile gracing her face. "It's okay to admit that."

I could only chuckle out awkwardly. "Nervous? About what?"

She flicked her eyes around. "Okay, if you don't want to say it you don't have to. But she feels the same way. I promise you, bud." She grabbed my hand and gave it a nice, reassuring squeeze. Something I needed way too much. 

"Have I ever told you I love you?" This time, my nerves weren't so evident in my laughter. 

We walked into the living room in just the knick of time. I could see headlights flash through the blinds. 

Lucy's parents decided to drop her off at my house since her dad needed to do some tinkering under the hood of her car apparently. So I was going to drive us to the school, and for what I understood, she was spending the night at J.K.'s house later that evening. 

So it wasn't like we were showing up as a couple. 

Or maybe it could be like that? I was starting to not give a damn anymore. 

"Open doors for her, ask her if she wants something to drink when y'all get there. Try not to step on her toes if you two end up dancing. Also, remember to--"

"Momma," I said slowly, trying to calm her down. 

I used to call my parents momma and pappa all the time before we moved here, but I had started to call them mor and far as a way to feel more connected to our culture. It was the formal version, sure, but neither minded. 

"You act like I haven't taken a girl out before." 

She scoffed. "Not one like this. The others were all skank--"

There was a couple knocks at the door, making my mom shut up. When neither of them moved towards the door, I sighed, and trudged over to let Lucy in. 

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