Chapter Four

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"Let her sleep for when she wakes up she will move mountains."


My sleeping pattern was effected greatly by Mateo and Zeke's visit the day previous. So much I had fallen asleep at the early time of eight then woke up, fully rested, when the sun was still down and would remain so for a while. I knew Zeke was an early bird, but I never pictured five in the morning to be a perfect time to throw around.

Nonetheless the two were the reason why I was roaming the kitchen around four, my stomach growling for breakfast. I knew my mom had a busy day so I decided it was best to stick with a bowl of cereal, even if the idea of eggs and bacon sounded delicious.

So as I stuffed my mouth with Fruit Loops, my mind wandered away from my ex friends the best it could. I noted that I had still had to finish my English report on the U.S. economy. Then there was that baseball bat I ordered online that should have been coming in any day then. Last but not least, the date I was tricked into with Courtney Fisher was later that afternoon. 

It was a long, long story on how that happened, but I wasn't as stoked about it like all my baseball teammates were. Sure Courtney was extremely appealing to the eye, but life wasn't all about that. I only had one class with her, which was chemistry, and her personality was definitely a huge turn off - actually, she reminded me a lot of Zeke. They both spread lies, gossiped way too much, and enjoyed attention from anyone and everyone. 

Sadly I fell in that anyone and everyone category. 

Don't get me wrong, it was sweet for Courtney to have had a crush on me, but I thought I made myself clear the twenty other times she asked me out that I wasn't interested. I guess one could have said her determination was an admirable trait in her. A trait another guy would truly appreciate, along with everything else that came with her. It was just I wasn't that guy for her. 

Right when my mind is off the topic of Mateo and Zeke, the two could not help themselves but become the center of attention once again. 

There was knocking at the front door.

It made me curse out and crunch the little Fruit Loops in my mouth harder with agitation. 

"Guys, seriously, I don't feel like going out today --" I swung the door open, my breath hitching in my throat. 

It was not Zeke. Or Mateo. 

Instead there stood a girl; a girl who was extremely under-dressed to be wandering outside of her house. Her hair was a mess, a lot of it covering up her facial features, and when I listened in closely and blocked out the crickets, I could hear her mumbling stuff faintly. 

"Are you okay?" I instinctively took a step outside, eyeing the area before gazing back at her. There was a bad feeling sinking into my stomach. When there was no answer in return, that only made my worry grow. "Can you tell me where you came from?" My hand reached out slowly, cautiously. I wanted to see if she would retract, scared to be touched. "Come inside, I can help.. We can call who ever you need." Her skin was cold at the touch. Goosebumps were up and down her arms. 

By then panic was beginning to set in me. This girl had obviously been through some unimaginable scenario. She could have been abused; scared to the point of not speaking up for herself. Or possibly raped

A shiver ran down my spine. 

"Watch your step.. watch your step." I had to pick her up into the house, my words not registering to her. "Mor, far! Wake up!" I yelled out. "Help!"

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