Chapter Ten

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"If you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true."


"Dude, you're so effin' distracted right now. Who're you texting?"

Zeke's voice was becoming easier and easier to block out nowadays.

His popcorn, on the other hand, was hard to miss.

I swatted the popcorn he threw towards me off, then gave him a snappy gaze. We were watching his favorite movie White House Down for the hundredth time and eating his favorite flavored popcorn. I wasn't asked once if I wanted anything else, so becoming attached to my phone was a given; even if Channing Tatum was a great man to look at.

"No one," I defensively put my phone against my chest.

Kai Burns, a fellow teammate and White House Down lover, chuckled. "Strange how your no one I.D. had Lucy Walker written all over it."

On a normal basis I loved hanging out with Kai. He moved here from Australia two years previous and we really connected from the similarities of our situations; other than the girls loving his accent a lot more.

Another ding from my phone made Zeke's lips curve upward. His blue eyes danced with amusement.

"She is no one, guys." I attempted to set the situation straight. The shine glossing over Zeke's eyes was still there. "Dude, what are you doing? Seriously - no, leave me alone. Come on! Ugh." The two were busy trying to take my phone out of my grasp, but I would not relent. It was no business to them and if I said it was nothing they should have respected that. "You fucking assholes!"

I was never keen on using bad words, but that seemed like a useful time to have a dirty mouth.

"I am a sexy asshole, so I don't get your insult." Kai joked, reaching over after I shoved him hard in the chest. It was strange how some guys thought horsing around equaled friendship. I hated being manhandled. "Ha!" He cheered while Zeke kept me pinned to the couch.

Oh what a sight that would have been if Zeke's parents came into the room. They already expected a lot from us, but that would have been a new one. Actually no - it was no different than the fight we had a year or so ago in the backyard. The only difference was I was on top of Zeke, ready to punch him for breaking one of my video game councils.

"You can come over to my house tomorrow night since my parents won't be home. That way we can have some privacy." Kai read out Lucy's latest text message in a high-pitched voice; the one I never got a chance to read.

The two baboons guffawed, eating up the message.

Zeke was having a field day. "Well damn, looks like you're going to get lucky tomorrow night, eh?" Then he smirked, shoving me while getting up and releasing me.

I wanted to a do a lot of things in that moment. I really, really wanted to punch Zeke, but that wasn't a new sort of feeling. I also had the idea of hurting Kai, but I had to breathe and refrain. He was a cool guy when Zeke wasn't in the room to be a horrible influence. What I wanted to do the most though was walk out of the house and head over to Lucy's because she was better than both of them combined.

"She didn't mean it like that." My cheeks were red. From anger or embarrassment we would never know. "We are just friends." Zeke snorted. Of course he would, he was the one who lived by the whole girls and boys could not remain just friends. "I am helping her with a project, that is all."

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