Chapter Nineteen

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Warning: fluffiness ahead, my dears

"From this slumber she shall wake when the true love's kiss the spells to break." 


I might have lied to Clayton about having to clean. It was for both of our own good, too, because my hair really needed a nice wash and preparation for the evening. Maybe it was wrong of me for wanting to make sure I looked more presentable that night, but oh well. I was about to glamorize myself.

Well, more like J.K. was going to glamorize me. Let me face it, I wasn't the best at doing my makeup unlike her. She said it was because I wasn't wizardly and that apparently she is.

"I was thinking we'd curl your hair and frame your face with braiding the front pieces back." J.K. touched my blow-dried hair, her fingers slipping through effortlessly. "And then with the makeup keep the eyes soft and then a plum colored lip."

She was thinking big with this transformation, which I appreciated, but we only had an hour and a half before Clayton was scheduled to appear at my doorstep. Jacklyn Kate might have been dreaming too high.

My face must have screamed worry, because she instantly gave me one of those reassuring smiles of hers.

"It won't take that long, so lose the face. You're going to look so beautiful tonight that Clayton would be blind and stupid if he didn't want to snatch you up." She was quick to add, "not that you aren't that ridiculously pretty already, of course."

I flipped my hair, sticking my tongue out. "Well duh."

We chuckled together and then she went straight into her makeover mode. That mode was quite a scary one, in my opinion. Her eyes seemed to bore into every pore imaginable on my face, full of fiery determination. She had that crazy glint behind them, and the fact she had a makeup brush clamped between her teeth didn't help her insane appearance.

It felt like ages passed as I sat in the same position. My butt was starting to hurt, yet when I tried to squirm into a different position, J.K. fixed me right back to where I was.

Was Clayton really worth all of this trouble?

Thankfully the moment I blushed was right after J.K. applied a vibrant pretty shade to my cheeks.

Of course he was worth it. I could imagine the night in my head already. We'd be sitting in the back of the theater, chowing down on popcorn, laughing together at the film. His arm wouldn't slip around my shoulder, but instead his hand would make his way to my knee. His thumb would leave small gestures of comfort and warmth, gliding back and forth across the skin. He didn't have to do a lot to make me happy. Something as small and gentle as that was enough to make my whole week. Then we would go out to eat, and he'd assure me that I could get anything I wanted, no matter the price.

Okay, maybe I was thinking way too much into tonight. I knew I was setting myself up for disappointment. There was still that part of me that clenched onto the idea that all of that could actually happen, though.

"You look so good, damn." J.K. took a few steps back to admire her work. She did one of her own hair flips. "I should get paid to do this, really. I'm a wizard."

I rolled my eyes. "Hey, hey, hey. Quit acting like I was some beastly creature you turned into a princess. I've been a princess my whole life, thank you very much." I pursed my lips into a duck face. I knew J.K. hated those.

She scrunched her nose. Payback was sweet. "Alright. Fair enough."

After ushering me up to avoid looking into the mirror, she did a little curtsy to me. My brows furrowed at this act, but I soon grinned.

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