Chapter Eleven

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**Small amount of cursing in this chapter. Beware, hehe**

"To help someone sleep at night.."


There was something completely striking about the way Clayton put his all into everything he did. Even in the little things like sharpening his pencil to its finest point or making sure he kept his glasses neatly tucked on the bridge of his nose when he wore them. Sitting in the back of class had its downfalls, sure, but the occasional allowance of drifting my eyes over to see Clayton cleaning his lenses and listening intently to another boring chemistry lecture was enough for me to forget about Zeke Sams' snoring beside me.

"What did I miss?"

Speaking of the devil. . .

It took a lot to move my focus from Clayton running his hand through his hair. So much I did not bother to cover up the agitated furrow in my brows. Why did Willis have to be absent and why, oh why, did Zeke feel it was necessary to sit by me?

"The powerpoint is on her website." I whispered back hastily.

His eyes lacked the vibrancy Clayton's had when he met my gaze. They were stormy; exactly how the night before was. There was no doubt in my mind that was the reason for his tired state.

"Uh, okay. Thanks."

I expected more. Maybe it was the bad image I formulated in my head after Clayton texted me the whole night about his on and off again best friends, but I anticipated at least a smirk somewhere along the way. With the way Clayton described him, Zeke was a rich boy coasting through school with the help of his status. I never had classes with him previous to chemistry, but I heard things about him - some good, some bad. Mostly the bad though.

"So, can I ask you something?" He was tapping his pen repeatedly against the lab table.

My nose wrinkled, but I nodded. "You're friends with Jacklyn Kate Jensen, right?" That time it took me a lot longer to bob my head. What did he want with J.K.? "Is she. . . like -- is she seeing anyone?"

He struck me by surprise. So much I could not express any words. All I could manage was a reluctant shaking of my head. That made his eyes brighten up before they were consumed in the haze of sleep once-more.

We did not talk to each other for the rest of the period after that. He eventually fell back into a deep slumber while I gawked over Clayton and wondered why Zeke had an interest in J.K.'s relationship status.

The last time Jacklyn Kate dated was freshman year with a boy named Finn. He was a sweetheart with a heart of gold; most of their dates were to charity events and sponsor parties. His dad was big in that line of work so it was only natural for him to want to become a humanitarian. However, with that job, comes a lot of moving around. After seven months of dating J.K. had to say good-bye to Finn because he was moving to the Philippines.

So if Zeke was interested in J.K. romantically, I wasn't so sure she would be interested in him. He might have been aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but I heard he was a player when it came to the girls. J.K. needed to know she was the only person in a boy's eyes and not Girlfriend Four when the other three are busy.

"Don't forget you have a lab write up due this Friday! Have a good day everyone."

I was so overjoyed that class was over, I nearly ran into people on my way out. In my defense they were in the way of me catching up to Clayton before he went into the cafeteria. He sat on the opposite side of the lunch room with his knit of not-so-friends while I sat with my close friends on the other.

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