Chapter Twenty-Three

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Recap since it's been a little while:

Jacob (Lucy's veteran older brother) confronts Clayton Hugh about why he hasn't tried to make his relationship with Lucy more. He then goes and admits to Clayton that Lucy has always liked him, and that he shouldn't be scared to put himself out there. Also, Lucy and her family know that the Hugh's are expecting a child, and Clayton's parents are going to share the news at a barbeque, where Clayton is unsuspecting the news. And basically that's what you missed on Glee.. I mean Sleepwalker, oops haha

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

"You did not wake up today to be mediocre."


My brother was one of those types of people who heard the word "clean" and didn't stick their bottom lip out. In fact, when I told Jacob that next day I was going to help Clayton with his cleaning duties, he cracked a huge smile. He even tagged along with me to speed up the process. 

However since Clayton only bribed me with milkshakes and tater-tots, there was none waiting at Clayton's house for Jacob. 

Jacob, being the bitter guy he was, decided we didn't need his help any further. He made himself comfortable on the couch. 

We didn't need him though. It didn't take too long, and to my surprise, it was a whole lot of fun. 

The Hugh family as a whole was super bright and bubbly. I could see where Clayton got his likability from. And to think there was going to be another on the way. 

"I still don't understand why we're doing all of this?" Clayton questioned out of the blue to his parents in the livingroom. I was wiping down their kitchen counters, so I peeked out into the room. "This seems like a bit much."

"We just thought it would be fun. We haven't seen some people for a long time." Mrs. Hugh explained pretty eloquently if I say so myself. 

"Plus I just want to party." Mr. Hugh chimed in with a sly grin. 

Thankfully Clayton shrugged it off and didn't question anymore after that. 

Five o'clock was about to be around the corner, and we managed to make everything look great. Jacob, being the lazy boy he was, had fallen asleep on the living room couch stage; even through the vacuuming stage. So, of course, Clayton had to mess with him. 

He took a feather from one of his pillows that had a hole in it, and began tickling the tip of Jacob's nose. When that wouldn't startle him awake, and it stopped being funny, I straight up smacked him on the forehead and then ran off into the kitchen. 

"What the hell?" Jacob mumbled.  "Clayton?"

I could tell Clayton was receiving a deadly look from Jacob because he looked scared as could be. 

My laughter couldn't be contained any longer, and I didn't want Clayton to get bitch slapped by my brother, so I let it out. Sure, Jacob got pissy with me, but it was worth it one-hundred-percent. 

"You almost got your boyfriend killed, Luce." Jacob smirked at me, finally seeing the humor in the situation. 

However, his humor was different than mine. His comment made me stop laughing and become a bright red. 

"Oh, come on. I'm kidding. No need to get all blushy and weird." Jacob chuckled, wiping the grogginess out of his eyes. 

That last hour was pretty much us messing with one another. It was a different kind of messing with each other though. It was friendly, and light hearted. When Jacob made comments towards Clayton now, it didn't seem hostile anymore. They were actually getting along really well, and I loved every bit of it. 

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