Chapter 11

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A/N: Thank you so much for the votes, and the comments on my story. I hope you guys enjoyed the Joshaya kiss that I put on the last chapter. Anyways in this chapter it's camping have gone nightmare and playing pranks. The next chapter coming home. Have a happy reading!


The next morning Maya was packing her stuff up to go back home as she noticed Josh came downstairs to watch her put her luggage down on the ground, and she looked up at Josh as she gave him a little smile. Maya was waiting on Lucas, and Chloe to come downstairs so they could start heading towards the airport.

"I'll send Chloe for Thanksgiving." Maya said.

"I'll send Chelsea for Christmas and Easter." Josh said.

Lucas came downstairs as he smiled up at Maya as he put his luggage down on the ground even though Maya could tell that Lucas doesn't want to go back, and she has a feeling Chloe doesn't want to either, but she needed to go back home to help Shawn run his shop again.

"Is Chloe coming down yet?" Maya asked.

"She's coming." Lucas said.

Chloe and Chelsea came down the stairs dressing a lot of like which Maya saw the both of them, and she wondered why they were dressing like that? The two girls stood by each other as Maya put her hands on her hip when she was looking at the both of them so did Josh when he saw the twins.

"Chloe, what are you doing dressing like that? We'll miss our flight." Maya said.

"I have a propositions for you guys. We decided to have a camping trip." Chelsea said.

"What camping trip?" Josh asked.

"Well we decided to have a camping trip since Uncle Eric and Uncle Cory have agreed to go camping with all of us since Aunt Morgan and Uncle Dean aren't going camping this year, but their sons are coming." Chloe said.

"Chloe, this is getting ridiculous go put something else on I don't want to miss this flight." Maya said.

"Girls, your mother is right this is a ridiculous idea." Josh said.

"No it's not." Chelsea said.

Josh went over to look at the twins to tell who was who apart even though this was confusing him when he finally point a finger on the right side of the twin when he probably got it right, and he hated it that the twins were dressing alike.

"You're Chelsea," Josh said.

"Are you sure you got the right one." Chelsea said.

"Or am I Chelsea," Chloe said.

Josh felt defeated when he went back to stand next to Maya knowing that the twins are really good, and Maya was getting really frustrated at the girls knowing that they were planning this camping trip to get the two of them back together as she stood up in front of them.

"Well I don't care if you both dress alike I will take one of you with me to France whether you like it, or not." Maya said.

Maya knew she was defeated when the girls finally convinced her to stay awhile longer even though Maya is worried about Shawn, but she would managed to be okay without him. Maya ended up taking her luggage back into the guest room to start packing for the camping trip that the girls were planning.


The airplane was flying up the sky as Josh started putting stuff in the back of the jeep when Missy drove up, and she ran into Josh seeing what he was doing. Josh noticed that Chloe and Chelsea were heading towards the jeep. Missy gave Josh a kissed which the girls pretty much rolled their eyes.

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