Chapter 2

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A/N: Thank you for the two votes I got on this story! Hopefully you guys are enjoying this story so far I'm trying my best to make it good and interesting as much as I can. In this chapter I'm bringing in Farkle and Smackle together they will both be counselors in this story. Happy reading! The girls would meet each other in the next chapter.


Chelsea and Riley's plane landed in Hollywood airport. Riley helped Chelsea with her luggage when Riley went to rent a car for the next few weeks.

Riley put Chelsea's stuff in the car, and they left to head towards the camp which Chelsea felt a little nervous whether she would make friends or not.

"Are you nervous?" Riley asked.

"A little, but would dad be alone?" Chelsea asked.

"No he wouldn't be alone Auggie would be there to keep your father company while we are gone." Riley said.

Chelsea nodded her head at her older cousin when she put on some music Riley noticed that Chelsea has her mother's taste in music, but she agree to Josh not talk about Maya in front of Chelsea.

"Riley, I got a question?" Chelsea asked.

"Alright ask away." Riley said.

"What was my mother like?" Chelsea asked.

"Well your mother was really crazy about your father. She called him Uncle Boing before they started dating each other, and she was my best friend in school. She also has a broken life that made her be rebellious, but after Shawn came into her and your maternal grandmother's life she started being happy to finally found an actual father that cares about her." Riley said.

"Was dad ever in love with my mom?" Chelsea asked.

"I think you would have to ask your dad that question." Riley said.

Chelsea nodded when she was trying to get answers about her mother, and why she would leave them behind to start a new life. Chelsea looked out the window knowing that she was almost to camp.

Chelsea and Riley made it to camp Hollywood Arts. When they both got out of the car to help each other carry her stuff. The two camp counselors started walking towards their ways, and Riley recognized the two of them.

"Farkle! Smackle! I didn't know you guys were camp counselors!?" Riley screamed.

"Hey Riley, how's it going? Oh hello who's this girl? Is that your kid?" Farkle asked.

"Nope this is my cousin Chelsea, she'll be joining the camp this year." Riley said.

"Oh nice my name is Farkle Minkus, and this lovely girl is my girlfriend Isadora Smackle." Farkle said.

"Nice to meet the both of you." Chelsea said.

"Well Chelsea, you'll be staying with two girls name Elizabeth Holloway and Mina Martin." Smackle said.

Chelsea nodded when she and Riley followed Smackle to her cabin where she'll be staying in the next few weeks. Chelsea got anxious to meet her two girls she'll be staying in the cabin, and Isadora opened the door to let them inside.

"Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and that girl in the corner of the room over there is Mina," Elizabeth said.

"Nice to meet you guys." Chelsea said.

Chelsea and Riley sat some of her stuff down on the bed as they both walked outside to talk before Riley had to leave the camp grounds.

"Before I leave the camp ground here's my cellphone number and the hotel number I'm staying in just in case you changed your mind about staying here." Riley said handing her the piece of paper she wrote down.

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