Chapter 3

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A/N: Hello everyone thank you for reading my story so far. This chapter I decided to have the twins meet each other, and they won't get along at first in this chapter and a little bit in the next chapter. I'm going to go ahead write this chapter and the next chapter to publish together since I'm actually in the mood for writing I don't know why, but I'm just in a good mood. Thank you for the votes on the story! Happy reading!


Chloe and her two friends walked inside the diner hall to get in line as Chloe looked around to see different people like actors/actresses, singers, dancers, artists, and many more in camp. Chloe watched a few people dance in the diner hall though Farkle got onto them that they can't dance inside the diner hall.

Chloe waited in line for a while, but eventually it was her turn to get some food, and she noticed that they have some of her favorite food that she decided to pick out on her plate.

Chloe not really paying any attention where she was going as she turned around to look at her friends when she literally ran into somebody, and she heard them screaming which she didn't mean to dump the food on the girl, but that girl was really mad at her.


Chelsea and her friends walked into the diner hall to get in line. Chelsea looked around the place to see a bunch of different people with different talents. She noticed Farkle getting onto some of people for dancing in the diner hall which she finds it funny that some people want to break the rules.

Chelsea's line took a little bit, but eventually it was her turn to get some of her favorite food. Chelsea turned to see a person not watching where they were going when the person's tray of food literally got onto her shirt. Chelsea started screaming which it gave everybody an audience.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't paying any attention." Chloe said.

"Watch where you are going next time. This was my favorite shirt!" Chelsea screamed.

When Chelsea and Chloe looked at each other they looked really shock as everybody was staring at them wondering how they both look alike.

"Why is everybody staring at us?" Chelsea asked.

"Can't you see it? We both look alike." Chloe said.

"Hmm turn around." Chelsea said.

Chloe turned the one way and she decided to turn the other way wondering why she wanted her to turn around.

"Well let's see your ears are a bit bigger than mine, and your nose is so small." Chelsea said.

Chelsea could hear her two friends were laughing about this as Chloe gave Chelsea a dirty look knowing that she shouldn't have messed with a Hart.

"Well let's see here I see your mouth is a little bigger than mine and you shouldn't insult a girl based on looks." Chloe said.

"Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't have insulted you, but you know what's the difference between us?" Chelsea asked.

"That I have better talents and you don't or I have better friends and you don't. You can take your pick." Chloe said.

"That's it." Chelsea said.

Chelsea started to grab some of her food off from the tray, and she started dumping it on Chloe's head as she heard her gasp. Chloe decided to grab her drink from the tray when she begin to poor her drink on her head.

"Food fight!" Somebody shouted.

Everybody started having the food fight when Farkle and Isadora noticed it as Farkle went over towards Chloe and Chelsea as he broke up the fight.

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