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A/N: Hey everyone as I stated on the last chapter this is the epilogue to the story thank you so much for the views, the votes, and the comments. I'm going to write another Joshaya story after I finish this one. Thank you so much for liking or loving this story. Have a great happy reading!

Three years later

Maya and Josh stayed married they have two more children that were both boys they have a two year old son name Joshua Gabriel Matthews Jr. And a five month old son name Johnathan James Matthews. Josh ended up building the dream house that him, Maya, and the kids would be living in.

Chloe and Chelsea are really happy to have little brothers they are both in high school. Chloe wants to become a photographer and artist while Chelsea wants to be a popstar.

Lucas and Riley got married, and Cory not wanting his older daughter to get married, but he ended up accepting the fact that Riley is a grown up. Riley and Lucas has two kids a boy name Benjamin Adam Friar and a daughter name Heather May Friar. Lucas and Riley still live in New York.

Auggie and Ava are still dating they are currently living in an apartment in New York.

Isadora and Farkle got married they ended up having two kids a son name Gabriel Carter Minkus and a daughter name Jodie Dawn Minkus. Isadora and Farkle continued running Hollywood Arts Camp during the summer while living in New York.

As for Missy and Brandon well they both got married even though Eric's wife Josie exposed Missy for what she would do to the rich people so the rich men wouldn't want to marry her after the story they saw on the internet or the newspaper about her. Brandon and Missy never had kids due to the fact that they hated kids, but they ended up working at the fast food places even though they both dislike working there.

And everybody lived happily ever after.

The end.

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