Chapter 1

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A/N: Hello! This is my first time of writing a fan fiction story on Wattpad this fan fiction will be based off of the movie The Parent Trap and the tv show Girl Meets World with a little twist. The camp that the twin girls will be going would be based off of Hollywood Arts from the show Victorious except Hollywood Arts would be a camp. This will be Joshaya, Rucas, and Smackle but mostly it'll be Joshaya. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the story and it may not be good, but I will try to make it good and interesting. I'm sorry if my grammar and stuff isn't good I'm writing this on my iPod, but I will try to make it perfect for everyone. Enjoy the story!

Here's all the main character's from the show ages in this story:

Maya is 30
Josh is 33
Riley is 29
Farkle is 29
Isdora is 29
Lucas is 31
Auggie is 21

(Everybody else will be in the story, but I don't feel like writing the other's list of names and ages.)

Hi, our names are Chelsea Dawn Matthews and Chloe Marie Hart. We are identical twelve year old twins our parents Joshua Gabriel Matthews and Maya Penelope Hart both have gotten married when they were young, and they had us nine months after they got married though they both stayed together for a year when they finally got divorced. Our mother lives in Paris, France while our father stayed in New York. Our parents decided to send us to the same camp, but not realizing that we would meet each other for the first time.


Chelsea was asleep she has medium size curly brown hair falling all over her face, and she doesn't like getting up early taking after her mother Maya on that part, but she has her dad's personality.

Josh walked into his daughter's room he smiled to himself that she's so much like Maya, and he needed to wake her up since today was the day she's going to Hollywood Arts camp in California. After he got divorced he decided to live with his niece Riley, and his nephew Auggie. He works as an architect just like he wanted to be in his dreams.

"Chelsea, it's time to wake up." Josh started shaking his twelve year old daughter, and she started rolling over to the other side.

Josh decided to jump on his daughter's bed as he was jumping Chelsea got a little mad, but she couldn't help to giggle. She opened her eyes having both his and Maya's eyes.

"Chelsea, are you excited about today?" Josh asked.

"Dad, of course I'm excited I can't wait to show off my talent at camp, and besides I'll be gone for few weeks. I mean if you want me to stay then I will stay." Chelsea said, giving her dad a smiled.

"No kiddo you should go besides you'll make friends at camp. Anyways your cousin Riley is cooking breakfast after that you need to start packing, because the plane will be leaving at eleven which it's only nine in the morning, and Riley is going with you." Josh said.

Chelsea nodded her head as she followed her dad going downstairs towards the kitchen where her cousin Riley was cooking breakfast which she finds it weird that she lives with her older cousins.

"Good morning, Chelsea, how's my cousin doing this morning?" Riley asked.

"I'm okay though I'm actually excited about going to camp today." She said, as she was jumping up and down like a hyper little kid.

Riley smiled at her cousin as she put a plate of pancakes down in front of her when Chelsea sat down, and she started eating her pancakes. Chelsea saw her cousin Auggie coming out of the living room, and he gave a small wave when he was heading upstairs.

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