Chapter 13

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A/N: Hello everyone thank you for reading, voting, and commenting on my story. I am sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I'm thinking about writing another Joshaya story after I finish this book. In this chapter It's not a goodbye where Josh tries to win Maya again and the next chapter Joshaya get married! Have a happy reading!


Josh pretty much stood on the front door way when Maya, Chloe, and Lucas left the property. Josh walked away towards the couch where he sat with his hands on top of his eyes trying to think another way to win Maya back.

"Dad, I have an idea." Chelsea said.

"What's your idea?" Josh asked.

"Let's use Uncle Eric's private jet plane." Chelsea said.

Josh looked up at his daughter when a light bulb dinged an idea to his house as he stood up to grab his cellphone off the table when he found Eric's number to start calling when the phone started ringing and ringing until somebody picked up the phone.

"Hello!?" Eric shouted.

"My brother." Josh said.

"My brother what's up?" Eric asked.

"Eric, I need a favor." Josh said.

"What do you need?" Eric asked.

"Can we use your private jet plane to get Maya and Chloe back from France?" Josh asked.

"You mean to tell me that they went home!?" Eric shouted.

"Yes they went home." Josh said.

"Alright I'll get my pilot person to get it ready so everyone can go." Eric said.

"Alright my brother you are the best." Josh said.

Josh hanged up his cellphone as he went over to Auggie, Chelsea, and Riley when he got excited about this idea.

"Come on everyone we are going to Eric's house and win my Maya back." Josh said.

Chelsea jumped up and down as she ran outside really fast to get in the car first while Auggie, Riley, and Josh took their time to get into the car.

"Next stop Paris, France." Josh said.

Josh backed out of the car when he was heading towards Eric's house where his private jet plane was sitting in the back yard.


Maya, Chloe, and Lucas were at the airport waiting to get boarded on the plane. Maya stayed quiet while Chloe started crying a little, and Lucas stayed quiet hugging Chloe.

"Flight 207 to Paris, France is ready to board." The woman on the intercom announced.

"That's us let's go." Maya said.

Maya, Chloe, and Lucas gotten up to head towards the security to get checked out then they started walking towards a woman to hand their tickets to them.

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