Chapter 9

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A/N: Thank you for the votes and the comments on my story I'm glad everybody is liking or loving this story. In this chapter Joshaya has a dinner date along with the girls, Lucas, and Riley setting the trap up. The next chapter would be family game night. Top of the photo is from left to right are Chloe, Maya, Riley, and Chelsea's dresses that are wearing in this chapter.


Chelsea and Josh were outside with Riley wondering what was the next surprise was, but Chelsea, Riley, Chloe, and Lucas weren't going to say anything about the surprise. Chelsea didn't know that her mother doesn't like surprises without her knowing what is was.

"Chelsea, where are we going? You know your mother hates surprises." Josh said.

"I didn't know that." Chelsea said.

Chelsea, Josh, and Riley saw Chloe coming out the door keeping it open to see Lucas pulling the rope to reveal Maya was tied up to the chair wearing a purple dress. Chelsea smiled to see how beautiful her mother looked while Josh was looking at her as well until Chloe ended up snapping her fingers to bring back reality.

"You look great mom." Chelsea said.

"Thank you dear, but why can't you tell me the surprise?" Maya asked.

"Sorry it's a secret." Chelsea said.

"Come on Lucas, let's take mom to the limo." Chloe said.

Josh watched Lucas dragging Maya toward the limo as they followed them into the limo. Chelsea and Chloe watched Maya struggling to get out of the rope, but they couldn't hold in the laughter when Maya gave them a mad look on her face they stopped laughing right away.

"Do you have any idea where we are going?" Maya whispered in Josh's ear.

"Not a clue." Josh whispered back.

"Right." Maya said.


Maya couldn't wait to get out of the rope being tied up to the chair like she did on her fourteenth birthday when Lucas tied her up, and she couldn't wait to get Lucas later for tying her up on the chair she also hates having a last minute surprises on her. She felt the limo stopping somewhere when Chloe and Chelsea got out of the limo.

"We are here." They both said at the same time.

Josh and Lucas got Maya out of the car when Lucas started untying Maya out of the rope. Maya didn't know why the girls stopped here at a restaurant when Riley stood by her best friend as she smile really big at her.

"Girls, what are we doing here?" Maya asked.

"This is where we are going to have dinner at." Chloe said.

"We are also serving you guys since Riley and I don't want to get fired by two twelve years old." Lucas said.

Chloe and Chelsea pulled Josh and Maya inside the building when it was just the six of them. The girls let got of their hands when they both were walking before Maya ended up stopping them from going somewhere.

"How did you rent this out?" Maya asked.

"Our allowances." Chelsea said.

"Grandpa Shawn chipped in." Chloe said.

"Chloe!" Maya shouted.

"Grandpa Shawn chipped in a lot he decided to help us rent this place, and the owner was happy to let us rent the place for one night." Chloe said.

"Chelsea turned on the music please." Riley said.

Chelsea turned on the music as 'Lovesong by The Cure' was playing on the speaker when Chloe and Chelsea both walked away from their parents as Maya decided to stop them again wondering where they are going.

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