Chapter 8

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A/N: As stated on the last chapter I'm writing another chapter for you, and be happy because Joshaya would be coming in yay! In this chapter Josh and Maya would be seeing each other for the first time and Maya dumping Brandon. The next chapter would be the dinner.


Chloe grabbed the phone to start dialing Chelsea's phone to tell her about the hotel they were staying in a hotel at Manhattan.

"Hello?" Chelsea answered.

"Chelsea, we are staying in a hotel at Manhattan." Chloe said.

"Okay I told mom about us, and we are going to be coming." Chelsea said.

"Okay I gotta go." Chloe said.

"Okay bye." Chelsea said.

Chloe hung up the phone as she put it in her pocket when she finished packing her stuff up at the hotel, and she followed everybody outside she couldn't wait to see how her dad would react to her mother.


Chelsea got off the phone as she walked into her mother freaking out to see her father when Lucas was in the room, and she had a feeling that Brandon may be going with them.

"Lucas, I can't do it I haven't seen Josh in eleven years, and I look hideous. Don't answer that." Maya said.

Maya was walking around the room until she saw Chelsea standing there when she walked towards her daughter she wanted some answers on what Chloe has said to her.

"Did you get ahold of them?" Maya asked.

"Yes, and they are staying at a hotel in Manhattan." Chelsea said.

"Is your father anxious excited or just anxious?" Maya asked.

"He's definitely anxious excited." Chelsea said.

"Okay get the tickets from grandpa I'm almost ready to go." Maya said.

"Mom, you barely packed anything in the bags." Chelsea said.

"Oh right I'm sorry." Maya said.

Chelsea walked out the door as Maya was trying to get Lucas his attention after Lucas told Chelsea that she was lying when he looked up at her.

"Huckleberry, can you please join me on this trip? It means a lot to me." Maya said.

"Of course I'll come with you ma'am." Lucas said.

"Oh thank you so much, Ranger Rick." Maya said.

"No problem ma'am." Lucas said.

Chelsea, Maya, Brandon, and Lucas both walked out the door when they told Katy and Shawn bye. As the taxi took off to heard towards the airport.


Chloe walked into the hotel with her father, Riley, and Auggie as they were looking for Missy. When her father spotted Missy and her parents they walked towards her as Missy introduce her parents to Josh, and them despite that Missy wasn't thrilled of everyone except Josh coming to the trip.

Riley, Auggie, and Chloe left Josh with Missy when they started walking around the hotel to find a room.


After arriving at the Manhattan airport Maya took to many drinks of wine. They rode in the limo as Lucas got out when Maya's foot came out which Lucas ended up helping her out of the limo.

"I got your foot instead of your hand." Lucas said.

"Oh Huckleberry, I got to find Chloe," Maya said.

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