Chapter 12

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A/N: Hello everyone I'm sorry I didn't updated two days ago. Thank you for reading, voting, and commenting on my story. In this chapter everybody is going home from camp, and the next chapter it's not a goodbye.


Maya has been cleaning Josh's house for the past three days she even cooked herself dinner. Maya was mopping the floor until she heard a car horn beeping as she walked out the door to see Josh, Chelsea, and Chloe have made it back a day early.

"Hey you guys came back so soon I figured everyone would be coming back tomorrow. Where's Missy?" Maya asked.

"We both got punished until the end of the century." Chelsea said.

"Starting now go." Josh said.

The girls took their stuff as Maya and Josh were following the both of them when they stood on the front porch Maya was wondering what had happened there.

"We play some harmless joke on her, and she even fell off the cliff." Chloe said.

"She threw this at my head and she slapped me." Josh said.

"Aunt Josie gave her a taste of medicine too." Chelsea said.

"I'm so sorry I should've not let her go to the trip." Maya said.

"More like tricked. Just like mother and daughters. Now girls go upstairs to the room." Josh said.

"We are both very sorry." Chloe said.

"Go upstairs now the both of you." Josh said pointing the stairs.

Maya watched the girls carried their stuff heading towards the stairs as she looked over at him when he noticed that the house was clean.

"You cleaned the house while we were gone?" Josh asked.

"Yes I was even mopping the floor before you guys got here." Maya said.

"You know you didn't have to clean the place. So where's Riley?" Josh asked.

"Well her and Lucas left yesterday around noon to have a picnic, and a movie." Maya said.

"Well what do you know? My niece and Cowboy on a date?" Josh asked.

"Yeah I decided to give them a day off. Where's Auggie?" Maya asked.

"Oh I guess he went to hang out with Ava at her house." Josh said.

"Well are you hungry?" Maya asked.

"Yeah I actually am. In fact we can cook something together like we used to do when we were married." Josh said.

"Hmm? We can make spaghetti with garlic bread tonight, and the girls can join us." Maya said.

"Yeah let's do that. We can have a family dinner with the girls." Josh said.

"Alright I'll get to cooking and you go tell the girls that we are having dinner together tonight." Maya said.

Maya walked inside the house heading towards the kitchen to grab a pan to put water in it and she walked over towards the stove top to set it on the burner as she waited for the water to boil.


Josh walked upstairs towards Chelsea's room when he knocked on the door as Chelsea opened the door, and he gave his daughters a smile.

"Hey you two your mom and I are planning to have a family dinner tonight. After you both eat head straight back to your room." Josh said.

"Okay dad. Oh you should dress good for dinner." Chelsea said.

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