I guess you could say that, he thought. "Yes. So don't."

Mathias nodded and apologized, then they both went back to leaning against each other and enjoying each others company besides the event that just took place.

"It's really beautiful outside," Mathias observed, looking up at the stars.

"I agree," Lukas replied.

Mathias placed his hand on top of Lukas'. "Aren't ya glad I spilled coffee on ya that day?"

Lukas rolled his eyes and smiled lightly. "Yes, you idiot."

Mathias smiled back and started placing light kisses on Lukas' neck. Lukas leaned back, "Hey, you embarrass me and expect me to kiss you?" he joked.

"I didn't mean tooooo and I apologized," Mathias frowned.

"I'm only kidding, don't frown like that. I love it when you smile."

Mathias changed his expression to his normal dorky grin, then Lukas leaned in and pecked his lips. Mathias pressed his lips against Lukas' again, and trailed kisses down his jawline to the top of his neck.

They both weren't as afraid now to show their affection. Their hearts would still slightly race when they were affectionate, but they still showed their love for each other.

Lukas moaned softly and gripped the back of Mathias' shirt as Mathias nibbled and licked at his neck. Mathias put one hand on Lukas' chest and carefully pushed him so he was laying down, then crawled on top of him, locking their hands together as well as their lips.

Their tongues collided as they kissed deeply and passionately. They were too distracted with each other to pull away and breathe, leaving them breathless as they'd pull away only sometimes for a few gasps of air until they'd collide again.

This continued for a few minutes, until Lukas noticed something. "Mm," he mumbled through the kiss, signaling for Mathias to sit up. Mathias did so and wiped drool from the corner of his mouth, cocked his head, and wondered what caused Lukas to make him sit up. Lukas propped himself up on his shoulders, looked to his right, and widened his eyes. There, just a few feet in front of them, stood a beautiful, beige deer.

The deer stood very still, its black, shimmering eyes seemingly staring at them as its ears twitched. Its belly was fluffy and white as well as its face, neck, and tail, but its back and top of its head was brown with various white spots placed on it.

Mathias widened his eyes as well, then slowly reached for his phone in his pocket to take a picture. He opened the camera and snapped a quick picture, but the noise his phone made cause the deer to become frightened and more alert as it scurried back into the woods.

"Woah.. That was cool!" Mathias exclaimed.

"Yeah. It was so close," Lukas replied, still glancing at the trees where the deer exited.

Mathias looked down at Lukas and raised his bushy eyebrows. "Do ya think it was watching what we were doing?"

Lukas shoved Mathias off him and sat fully up. "Yeah right. We weren't doing anything important."

Mathias was about to protest but Lukas interrupted, "Just take me home. I'm tired," he stated as he stood up.

Mathias stood up next to him and nudged his arm. "Your mouth didn't seem too tired a few seconds ago."

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