Chapter 4

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To Lukas' disappointment, Mathias didn't show up at Lukas' work that day. So it was a regular day of scanning others objects and putting them  in bags for Lukas. Lukas had Mathias' jacket wrapped around his waist again, not getting as many stares at work as the jacket didn't reek of cologne after he washed it.

Lukas often got quite bored, tired, and annoyed at his job. For some reason, people felt the need to tell him their life story although Lukas was a complete stranger. One day, a lady was telling him about how her ex husband was abusive and how her son is on drugs. Lukas didn't know what to say other than "Im sorry," or "I hope things get better." Women also told him they were jealous he was prettier than them, which Lukas didn't know whether to be offended or take it as a compliment.

Lukas thought of quitting and doing something more exciting, like pursuing his passion of the violin and becoming a musician or artist. While others didn't find art interesting, he loved it. Art could be pleasing to the ear and to the eye, which is why he appreciated it so much.

But alas, Lukas figured those kind of jobs could either cause you to end up really rich or really poor. There was no guarantee he could be great or popular, considering all the other artists out there. So he decided to appreciate his own job as there are many homeless and uneducated people who don't have jobs, and would be very pleased having a simple job like his.

At the end of his shift, he zipped up Mathias' jacket, put the hood over his head, and opened his umbrella to protect him from the rain. He wondered if Mathias would call him when he got home. If not, Lukas would text him or something. Maybe. He didn't want to seem to clingy. After all, they've only been on one date.

Lukas got in his car, closed the umbrella, took the hood down from over his head, and put in his car keys. He started up the car and, just as he was about to drive away, large hands were slapped up against the door along with a strange face in between them. Lukas jumped, almost letting out a small shriek as he slung his head to look at the unexpected visitor.

Dammit.. Lukas sighed. He scared the shit out of me. Lukas rolled down his window, but only slightly, not wanting the rain to flood his car. "What the hell, Mathias?? You scared the hell out of me!"

"Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to scare ya. I just wanted to see ya before ya took off!" Mathias explained, grinning and getting wet from the rain as he only had a red sweatshirt for protection. He didn't seem to mind though.

"It's fine.. Just don't slam against my window like that. Anyways, what did ya want?"

"Well..," Mathias rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I wanted to see if ya wanted to go on another date or something. I had a lotta fun talking with ya, and I wanna hang out more." A light blush appeared on Mathias' cheeks.

I'd love to, Lukas thought, but he stated differently. "Sure. When?"

"Maybe tomorrow?"

Great. I'll have to give Emil another excuse again. "Sounds fine. Just text me a time and a place and I'll try to fit it in my schedule."

Lukas didn't really have a schedule. He mostly sat at home watching reality TV, painting, or playing the violin.

"Okay," Mathias nodded in agreement, "I guess I'll text ya later, cutie." Mathias began to run to his own car, slouched over to shield himself from the downpour.

Lukas, flustered, looked forward and angrily thought to himself, Why would he say that?? It's making my heart hurt again. What the hell?! And how did he know what time my shift ended..

Lukas sat up straight and took a deep breath to recollect himself. He decided to ignore his thoughts, assuming his heart was still racing from Mathias almost giving him a heart attack when he slammed against the window, and also assuming Mathias' work time ended coincidentally at the same time as his.

Lukas tried to push Mathias out of his mind on the way home. Lukas figured him and Mathias wouldn't have a future together, how they were nothing alike and it would be ridiculous.

However, a part of him hoped that wasn't true. He did have fun being with Mathias, even if it was listening to his dumb stories, it pleased him seeing that dorky grin he had on his face while telling them. And that body was a bit pleasing for him to see as well..

When Lukas got home, he hung up the jacket and umbrella and took off his shoes, careful to place them on the mat and not get the wooden floor wet.

He looked around, having a strange feeling that something was off...

That's it. Emil wasn't on the couch. He usually was whenever Lukas got home from work. Lukas thought to check in his room, but he was prepared to knock first as he didn't want to walk in on some "teenage alone time" that he did NOT need to see.

He went down the hall to his room, and knocked twice. "Emil?"

No reply.

"Emil? Sorry to.. interrupt, but are you in here?"

Again, no reply.

Maybe in the bathroom.., Lukas thought, but was again wrong as the bathroom door was open and the lights were off. He also checked his own room and the kitchen, but had no luck.

Lukas started to panic. Why isn't he home?? Did he get captured on the way?? Is he somewhere he isn't supposed to be? Multiple thoughts similar to these raced through his mind as he got out his phone to start calling Emil.

Just then, the door swung open as a certain someone raced in. Then they paused, eyes widened to see Lukas was already home. They sighed and gave a sort of "Shit, I'm caught," look as they shut the door and kicked off their shoes.

"Emil, where were you?! Why weren't you home? You were supposed to be here three hours ago!" Lukas stated, raising his voice and walking up to the teen, waiting for his excuse.

Emil was slightly turned the other way, hood on as if avoiding looking at Lukas. "I was just at the arcade with Leon, it's not a big deal."

"Why didn't you at least text me? I was worried! I'm your big brother, you should always tell me where you're located."

"I'm fine, so stop worrying about it! And you're my big brother, not my parent." Emil pushed past Lukas and started heading to his room as the hood fell down from his head.

Lukas ran ahead of him to stop him from walking further. "No. You need to know that what you did--" Lukas paused as he glanced at the purplish pink mark left on Emil's collarbone. "..Is that a hickey?"

Emil's cheeks flushed a light red as he put the hood over his head again. "No! Its just a bruise. Ugh, just leave me alone!" Emil went around Lukas and quickly went to his room, shutting the door and locking it.

Lukas stood in frustration and confusion. Dammit.. That was definitely a hickey. Emil shouldn't be getting into anything super romantic right now. He's only sixteen. He needs to focus on school..

Lukas sighed loudly and slapped his forehead, shunning himself for being so stupid. I should've known that Leon kid shouldn't be trusted.

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