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~Aph Nordic 5~  Family by CompleteHetaliaTrash
~Aph Nordic 5~ Familyby Call me Jade
An oncoming danger approaches this dysfunctional group of Scandinavians, can they pull eachother back together and become a family again? Or will it all fall apart? Find...
Forhåbning of Courage_Hetalia Nordics by crypticAlchemist
Forhåbning of Courage_Hetalia Nord...by E.D.MCKINNON
A future king; a boy born of nobility who builds himself up. A being of magic; magic that /is/ this person, who is a natural at enchantment and divination. A protector;...
Sweet Shop Sweethearts by CasualCreepypasta
Sweet Shop Sweetheartsby Jen
Lukas Bondevik, the awkward twenty-one-year-old who works part time, dying to leave Norway and travel the world. Mathias Køhler, the outgoing Dane who's been there, done...
Just a Freak by Fanetwas
Just a Freakby Fanetwas
"It happened so long ago.. so why am I still thinking about that? Why do I have to think about everything before I turned into a nation at the same time every year...
Black Licorice and Butterscotch // Dennor Short-Fic by MaddiexRose
Black Licorice and Butterscotch...by spamano trash
As his little brother's brithday approaches, Lukas finds himself wandering into an old victorian candy shop in search of a gift. He originally goes in to find some black...
Cold Heart † Dennor by MaddiexRose
Cold Heart † Dennorby spamano trash
When Norway suddenly goes missing and a string of clues is left in the Nordic house it's Denmark's job to find the man he loves and bring him back to safety.
I'm fine by skiebleu01
I'm fineby skiebleu01
just a little DenNor sicfic. I do not own hetalia or any of the art, but I wish I knew who drew them <3 Human names used
[SwiNor] Can I see you? by FirstToFall
[SwiNor] Can I see you?by FirstToFall
¡This is a writing challenge! The strangest ideas often take place in the world meeting room. This time is no exception. The Christmas is only 24 days away and no matter...
Connected (DenmarkxNorway: DenNor) by Jennamiri
Connected (DenmarkxNorway: DenNor)by Jennamiri
What is real? What is fake? I can't tell the difference anymore What'll happen when all is said and done? Will he still be here after all this? Did he even truly exist? ...
Sugarboy by crypticality
Sugarboyby Cryptic
Little Oliver finds himself taken in by a friendly soul while trying to forget his past, but some shady things are happening, and it'll take more than simple brains or b...
With Memories, We Forget by daydreamingninja007
With Memories, We Forgetby daydreamingninja007
It's been a week and the personification of Norway's mentality is falling more and more. When he claims it's Matthias's fault however the group is even more lost. Past b...
Nucleic † Dennor by MaddiexRose
Nucleic † Dennorby spamano trash
Lukas works for a seemingly normal laboratory in Oslo until he hears loud cries coming from the floors below his level of clearance. Fearing the worst, he goes to invesi...
Help Me Help You by SoSpicey
Help Me Help Youby SoSpicey
Lukas is just another student who wants to get by in his school unheard and unseen. Until he becomes the target of the school bullies. A boy in one of his classes sees w...
Hetalia: The Chat Room by Aoi_Cho
Hetalia: The Chat Roomby Aoi_Cho
Summary: The Nations have created a chat room to keep in close contact with one another however not all of their conversations are about serious manner....
Mystery of Magic by Swamp_Nymf
Mystery of Magicby Yeehaw Lesbian
A Hetalia fanfic. Everyone is strange and nothing is as it seems. Werewolves wander the streets. Fairies live in plain sight. Vampires run Walmart. They all live in harm...
Nordics Go To Walmart by Bluuskkye77
Nordics Go To Walmartby Bluuskkye77
The Nordics head to Walmart after a world meeting in America to pick up a few things...
We're Here For a Reason by waffles-an-vengeance
We're Here For a Reasonby Taani
-Dennor- (Warning, there are some touchy things such as suicide discussion and homophobia. I will place any warnings at beginning of chapters) Mathias didn't mean to sca...
It's Me Against You (Hetalia Norway) by LeSwagPoisson
It's Me Against You (Hetalia Norwa...by LeSwagPoisson
The Kavanaugh sisters. All powerful beings that help keep balance in the world. The only things that can stop them, are themselves, or their 'father.' Otherwise, they ca...
Norway makes Fruit Salad by MisaMiso
Norway makes Fruit Saladby Misa
Norwyas bros are over and they hangry • If this gets (Nordic) FIVe views I'll make another chapter