Chapter 3

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((A/N: Sorry these first few chapters aren't the most interesting, I'm just trying to not rush writing them and slowly introduce the plot. Things'll get interesting soon!! Tysm))
Later that night, as Lukas was getting ready for bed, he heard his phone vibrate on the nightstand next to his bed. He looked at the number, and it was one he didn't recognize. He was gonna let it ring, but he thought it might be Mathias. He picked up the phone, answered the call, and held it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hey, Lukas! It's Mathias. I know it's a bit late, but would you want to go to a restaurant with me at 8 tomorrow? Oh, that's 8 PM by the way."

Lukas was tempted to say something like "Oh really? I thought it was 8 in the morning," but he stopped himself.

"Yeah," Lukas accepted. "That's fine."

"Great!" Lukas held the phone a little away from his ear when Mathias exclaimed this. "I'll text you the address. I'll see you then! Talk to ya later!" Mathias hung up.

He's so loud... I hope I'll be able to stand the date, Lukas pondered.

He shrugged and put his phone down, then took out his hair clip and placed it next to it. He got into bed, curious for how the date will turn out, and fell asleep.


The next day after work, Lukas started getting ready for the date around 7. He took a short shower, brushed his hair, and changed into fairly nice clothes.

He sat on the bed in his room and checked the time: 7:45. I should be leaving soon, he thought as he stood up.

Emil knocked on the door, then walked in when Lukas invited him in. "Where're you going?"

Shit, I didn't think of an excuse yet. "Out to eat," Lukas half-lied.

"Why're you dressed up so nice?"

"It's a fancy restaurant."

"Fine, but you're gonna look like a loser by yourself."

No I won't. "Whatever," Lukas rolled his eyes.

"Bring me something back while you're out," Emil requested as he walked back to his own room.

Lukas stood up and started leaving. He checked the address on his phone that Mathias texted him, and started driving there.

Mathias' POV

Mathias got there between 5-10 minutes early, just to be safe. He already got a table for him and Lukas. He was dressed up pretty nicely: He had a button up white shirt and a black tie with black pants. He made sure his hair was neat and that his breath didn't smell bad. He didn't plan on kissing him already, but he didn't want Lukas to be grossed out while they were talking.

Mathias looked at the time: 8:00. Mathias began to ponder the worst things. Where is he?? Maybe he decided not to show up. Or maybe he got hurt.. He probably changed his mind. This was stupid! I shouldn't have asked him out. I'm too--

Just then, Lukas sat down in the chair in front of him. "Hey. You're here early."

Mathias tried to stay cool and not mess this date up. "Yeah, I just tend to show up early I guess." He shrugged. Lukas nodded.

Their date began with Mathias making awkward conversation. Sometimes he would even earn a tiny grin from Lukas, which he wasn't sure if Lukas was grinning because Mathias said something funny or whether Mathias was being awkward.

When the waiter came, Mathias ordered both their meals and managed to not mess up. Mathias began feeling more confident as the date went on, and wasn't afraid to be a little loud or ask certain questions.

After a while of talking and learning the basics about each other, their food arrived. Mathias ordered Danish Apple Pork, while Lukas got Danish Cuisine.

They both began eating, Mathias smiling as he ate since he thought the date was going great.

"Wanna try some of mine?" he offered to Lukas, oblivious to how it was a little strange. Lukas paused, but accepted. Mathias got some on his fork, which Lukas ate off of hesitantly.

After a few minutes of Mathias talking about the trouble he and his friends Alfred and Gilbert caused when they were younger, Lukas interrupted him. "Your eyes are beautiful."

Mathias eyes widened. "Well, thanks! You're beautiful.. I mean, you're cute not beautiful! Shit, um--"

"Calm down, Mathias. Don't be a spaz. Thanks for the compliment."

Mathias smirked. "No problem." Mathias was partly smirking because he noticed the light blush settled upon Lukas' cheeks.

Lukas' POV

Lukas walked out of the restaurant, Mathias not far behind him. Lukas went up to his car and turned to Mathias. "Thanks for inviting me, by the way."

"Yep! Thanks for coming. Lets do it again sometime." Mathias winked.

Lukas folded his arms at the action. "Maybe." But the thing was, Lukas was actually looking forward to another date with Mathias.

Mathias chuckled. "Alright. See ya soon." He kissed his cheek lightly and strolled happily back to his own car.

Lukas rubbed his cheek and got into his car. His heart began fluttering when he thought of Mathias' kiss on his cheek. Why is my heart fluttering..? It was fluttering when he called me cute earlier. It must be because I'm annoyed. He's loud, talkative, and a spaz... But.. Why do I enjoy being around him??

Lukas began driving home, Mathias on his mind most of the way. I barely know him. There's no way he can make my heart flutter like that so much. I hate the feeling.. Whatever, I probably won't go on another date anyways.

Lukas convinced himself that was the only date, but he wanted to see Mathias again. Besides, it's not like Mathias was just an annoying spaz.

His thoughts of Mathias immediately faded as he thought of Emil. Shit, I forgot to bring him something home. Oh well, I'll get him some McDonalds and tell him I forgot.

And Lukas did just that. Emil was jealous that Lukas had a nice meal while Emil just had Chicken McNuggets and fries, but he got over it.

Lukas went to bed that night in hopes that Mathias would visit him at work again the next day.

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