Chapter 5

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Mathias invited Lukas to a picnic sort of thing in the park Lukas enjoyed visiting on Sunday. It isn't supposed to rain, it's actually supposed to be quite pleasant: sunny and a bit cloudy with a slight breeze.

Mathias invited him to go at 7:00 PM. Lukas agreed and, when he got home for work that day, was pleased to see Emil sitting on the couch like he should be. Lukas changed into more comfortable clothes and attempted to ask Emil again about the marks on his neck, but Emil again avoided the subject and went to his room.

Lukas sighed, went to the kitchen, and started making some mac 'n cheese. Mathias said he'd get all the food, but Lukas thought it would be rude to show up empty handed.

Lukas wasn't the greatest cook ever, in fact the thing he was best at making was mac 'n cheese. He stuck to cooking basic things, as cooking bored him and he didn't bother trying to improve it.

When Lukas was finished, he put it in a plastic container and set it on the counter. He went and knocked on Emil's door to warn him he was leaving.

Emil cracked the door slightly. "What?"

"Im leaving."

"Again? Where?"

"The park. I'll be back in a while."

"Why? Don't you only go on Sundays?"

Lukas shrugged. "I dunno. I figured I should get out more often."

"Thats unlike you."

"Whatever. Just don't leave while I'm gone. And you can probably make yourself something to eat right?"

"I guess. And I'm not gonna go anywhere." Emil rolled his eyes. "Jeez, you're way too suspicious of me."

"You don't think coming home three hours late with "bruises" on your neck is suspicious?"

Emil gave a frustrated sigh and glared. "Just go." He shut the door again.

Lukas was already tired of Emil. Running off without telling him, having an attitude, and refusing to talk about the "bruises" on his neck. He should check his grades soon. If he hasn't been doing well in school, he won't allow Emil to go to Leon's, and have someone else drive him home from school. Clearly, his "friend" had been distracting him.

Lukas tried to shake it out of his thoughts for now as he grabbed the mac 'n cheese and headed towards the park.

When Lukas arrived, it was easy to spot Mathias waving wildly and calling his name. Lukas shook his head, wanting to scold him for raising his voice so loudly in a peaceful place with others around. But he just quickly walked up so Mathias would quiet down.

"Hey," Lukas greeted as he sat down next to Mathias on the blanket covered with various foods. "I know you told me you'd get the food, but I still brought this." He set the container down.

"Awesome! Thanks."

Lukas got out his phone real quick to text Emil and ask if he left, but he decided not to and it would be rude to text in front of Mathias. He sighed and set the phone down. "Sorry. I'm just really worried about my little brother, Emil."

"Ah you told me about him before. Why're you worried?"

"Yesterday he came home three hours late from school. Usually his friend Leon drives him. When I asked him where he was, he said at the arcade with Leon. But I saw hickeys on his neck. He said they were bruises, but I know the difference. I dunno.. He hangs out with Leon all the time and it seems like they're more than just friends."

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