Chapter 6

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{A/N:: theres smutish things in this chapter so if you're uncomfortable with that type of stuff you should skip some parts ;0}

Now Lukas and Mathias have been dating for about 3 months. They weren't sure what made them decide to get together officially, they just both slowly agreed with it. It was on their tenth date they both realized normally you only go on a few dates and become a couple, so they figured they were ready.

Lukas has had a close eye on Emil, making sure he knew where he was, that his grades weren't dropping, and he wasn't causing havoc. He still lets him go to Leon's, but not as often just in case. He also makes sure to scan his neck and shoulders silently across the room for any love bites.

Mathias tries to convince Lukas every once in a while that he doesn't need to worry about Emil, and that he's just a teen experimenting and won't get too serious. Lukas hoped he was right.

Lukas still didn't tell Emil about Mathias either. Even though it might've been hypocritical, he wanted to prove a point that dating wasn't what Emil needed right now, and telling him about Mathias would only influence him further.

Sometimes Lukas would think he is overreacting and should allow Emil to date and experiment, cause teens are going through phases of confusion and aren't sure what they want. But then again, Emil could have his heart broken or be convinced to do something he would regret/didn't want to do. Lukas just couldn't trust it. So he's been asking about Leon often and trying to minimize their time spent together, just in case. Fortunately, there hasn't been any "three hours late home" incidents since then.

Currently, Lukas and Mathias were in a woods-like area. It was a Friday night; they were surrounded by tall, lively, green trees. They sat on a blanket in the damp grass and in front of them sat a calm and gentle lake. To their right was a struggling and slightly small fire that broke the silent night with its crackling noises. Dark shadows rained over distant trees and the lake, causing them to look black. The fire fought the shadows around Mathias and Lukas, so they could see each other but it was too dark to see in the distance.

Lukas sat close to Mathias--as the blanket was rather small--and was leaned up against him. They both sit silently for a while, until Mathias would cut off their silence and tell a random story and then they would be silent again.

It was spring break. Emil left a few hours before to go on vacation to Leon's lake house or something. Lukas was going to refuse, but Emil would say things like "You've been going out all the time," and "I never go anywhere fun," which made Lukas feel bad he would leave Emil alone and lie to him about Mathias, so he allowed him to go.

Lukas began running his fingers through Mathias' hair. "How do you keep your hair like this?"

"It mostly does it on it's own, but I use hair gel to fix it up a little bit," Mathias explained.

"It's strange how your hair just sticks up like that."

"Well.. What about this?" Mathias wrapped his hand around Lukas' curl and tugged. "This isn't even attached to your head. What is it?"

Lukas widened his eyes, looked away, and held his breath, blushing madly and hoping Mathias would let go immediately.

But Mathias didn't. "C'mon, tell me. How does it float by your head like this?"

Lukas tried to speak, but let out a light groan instead. He grabbed Mathias' wrist, "Mm.. Let go..."

Mathias, surprised and confused, let go, to Lukas' relief. Lukas took a few deep breaths, still red after the embarrassing and awkward occurrence.

"Don't touch it," Lukas ordered, avoiding eye contact.

"Okay.. But I'm still confused. What does it do? Make ya feel sick?" Mathias questioned.

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