Chapter 1

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Lukas usually spends every Sunday morning the same. He goes to the nearby coffee shop in town that's fairly small, but somewhat popular. On Sunday mornings, however, its quite empty since most people spend their Sunday mornings at Church. Lukas isn't, and never really was, big on religion. He's just fine enjoying most of the coffee shop to himself, cappuccino in hand and to his own thoughts.

Emil, Lukas' younger brother, liked to sleep in while Lukas was out. Occasionally Lukas would bring back a Latte for Emil, which Emil appreciated but he honestly didn't like coffee that much.

Lukas sipped from his cup while looking out the large, glass window to the right of the booth he sat in. Small droplets tapped against the window and the concrete ground outside. The constant pitter-patter sound it made soothed Lukas to the point where he'd get lost in his own thoughts and find himself staring at the raindrops running down the window. When he wasn't lost in thought, he'd quietly decide which raindrop would reach the bottom of the window first.

Lukas was used to quiet places: the coffee shop was quiet when he went, it was pretty silent at his apartment as him and Emil didn't talk much, and the whole town was just very peaceful in general. Lukas would occasionally go on walks to the park after he finished his coffee. He'd sit on the same bench and admire the trees, whether the leaves were green and lively or brown and shriveled on the ground. He'd also watch the birds peck at the insects in the grass, or close his eyes and listen to them chirp.

You could say his life was a bit repetitive. He works at the grocery store from Monday to Friday and spends his weekends either watching T.V. at his apartment or taking walks. However he'd only go to the coffee shop on Sunday mornings, since the coffee was quite expensive and he didn't want to be around a lot of people when it was crowded other days.

Lukas finished his coffee and left money and a small tip, as the waiter didn't exactly have the best attitude. He stood up and started walking out, but paused for a moment. Shit, he thought to himself, I didn't bring an umbrella. Just as he was about to start walking, facing the fact he was gonna get soaked, he was overwhelmed by another wetness not cold like the rain, but burning hot. It burned his stomach, and made him yelp and jump back. Just after there was a crash on the ground as glass was sprawled all around Lukas' feet.

"Shit! I'm so sorry, sir! I just wasn't watching where I was going and-- Oh gosh I'm sorry!" The awkward, tall but young looking waiter pleaded as he started wiping off Lukas shirt with napkins as a blush of embarrassment appeared across his cheeks.

Lukas couldn't even react. He gets soaked with hot coffee, the waiter who spilled it on him was loud and obviously a spaz, the waiter was touching him, and he didn't bring an umbrella. These were all of the things he hated that happened in a matter of seconds.

Just as Lukas was about to blow up on the man, the man looked up into his eyes. Lukas paused and just kind of stared for a second. Those eyes... Lukas thought, they're so pure, and such a beautiful shade of blue. He didn't want to be caught staring and looked away. "It's fine," he replied, "don't worry about it."

But the man wouldn't just move on with the accepted apology. He gave Lukas his jacket to keep him mostly safe from the rain, since he caused him such trouble. He also offered to pay for Lukas' coffee, but Lukas insisted it was alright and he didn't have to do that. So Lukas just put the jacket on, zipped it up, and left.

Lukas wondered to himself as he walked home. Who was that man? I haven't seen him work at the coffee shop before... He must be new. That explains why he was so clumsy and awkward, I suppose.

Lukas could smell the cologne on the jacket. Well, at least his clothes don't smell like shit. And his eyes glistened like the sea, but is hair practically defied gravity. But he is still an idiot...

When Lukas got home, he threw the jacket on the ground and took off his shoes.

"How was the rain?" Emil asked sarcastically.

Lukas rolled his eyes. "Fantastic."

"Where'd you get that jacket from? I can smell the cologne from here."

"Some idiot waiter spilled coffee on me, so he gave me his jacket to shield me from the rain cause he felt bad."

"Well that's nice, I guess.."

"I guess. Wasn't so nice when I got my shirt ruined."

Emil nodded, glanced at his phone, and stood up. "I'm going to Leon's. I'll be back later."

"Ya want me to drive you?"

"Nah, I'll drive. You probably won't need the car while I'm gone, right?"

"Probably not. I usually walk anyways."

"Yeah." Emil walked towards the door and put his own jacket while grabbing an umbrella. "See ya later." He opened the umbrella, stepped out into the rain, and closed the door.

It was silent again. Just how Lukas liked it. He went to take a warm shower to get the sticky coffee off of his stomach and to get more relaxed.

He got into more comfortable clothes and lied down in bed for a short nap. He thought about the waiter at the coffee shop again and became confused. Why hadn't he blown up at him? Usually, he would've screamed, called the person an asshole, and stormed out. He guesses it was because he was in a good mood, and the guy seemed sincere enough. He's kind of glad he didn't yell at him, though, after all he did get his jacket to keep dry from the rain.

Lukas stopped wondering about it, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

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