Chapter 2

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The next day, Monday, Lukas was getting ready for work. He was brushing his hair, careful to not brush the curl floating right next to his head. Then he slipped in his cross-shaped barrette and started brushing his teeth.
((A/N: Norway's curl actually represents the Fjords, but in this I make it similar to the Italian curl so it's his erogenous zone ;) Just because I think it'll be fun))

Emil was getting ready for school at the same time. Since they shared a car, Lukas usually drove Emil to school and went to work right after. Sometimes Emil would drive, but he wasn't very good at it.

When Lukas was finished getting ready, he sat on the couch and waited for Emil. Emil took a lot longer to get ready than Lukas. Sometimes Lukas knocked on Emil's door and warned him he was going to be late for school if he didn't hurry, but that was a lie as he would have 20 minutes or so longer before he was late; Lukas just got tired of waiting.

Emil finally finished getting ready, and walked into the living room.

"Took you long enough," Lukas stated.

Emil rolled his eyes. "Whatever, let's just go."

They both got into the car, and Lukas started driving. The car ride was relaxing, and silent of course. It rained again today, so Emil and Lukas made sure to wear jackets and bring umbrellas. Lukas was wearing the same jacket the waiter gave him. Lukas felt it was warm, and liked how it was a little big on him. His jacket was always cold.

"Eugh, you're wearing that jacket again? The cologne burns my nose." Emil covered his face.

"It's not that bad. You're just being a baby." Lukas replied.

"I'm not! And why're you wearing it, anyways? You have your own jacket."

"It's warm. I just like it better."

"Fine... Just wash it when you get home."

Lukas nodded, and it was silent again-besides the rain dabbing against the windows-until they got to the school.

Emil got out, opened his umbrella, waved, and walked up next to his friend Leon. Leon grinned lightly at Emil, and waved to Lukas. Lukas ignored him and started driving away.

Lukas was very suspicious of Leon. Him and Emil would always hang out, and Leon would sometimes say things that caused Emil to blush madly. Lukas also swore he sometimes saw Leon hold Emil's hand or wrap his arm around his waist, but every time Lukas looked back to check they weren't even touching each other.

Lukas shook the thoughts out of his mind. Emil would tell him if he was dating Leon, right? He was his big brother, after all.

When Lukas arrived at the store, he walked in slowly, dreading to spend his whole day scanning items and having to interact with strangers. He longed for the weekend, where he could just relax and have time to himself.

Although Lukas disliked it, he was quite polite at work. Even when the person was rude or annoying, he'd scan their items diligently. If they were really troublesome, he'd scan their items quickly so they could hurry up and leave.

Throughout the day, he received a few stares as the jacket wrapped around his waist reeked. He'd ignore their stares and continue working.

In the middle of the day, he was greeted by an annoying, but familiar, voice. "Hey!"

Lukas looked up. It was the same waiter that spilled coffee all over his stomach. He kind of glared for a second, but just started scanning his items. The only things he had were 2 jars of Nutella and 3 jars of hair gel.

"Uh.. So sorry again about the other day. Im just kind of clumsy. Oh, and sorry the jacket smells so much. I accidentally dropped my cologne bottle on it. Im actually surprised you're still wearing it." The man said.

How does that even happen?, Lukas thought "Stop apologizing. It's fine," he stated blankly. "And I'm only wearing it cause it's warm.."

The man nodded. "So, what's your name?"

"..Lukas." Lukas was curious why the man was asking this, as they barely knew each other.

"That's cool! I'm Mathias." Mathias flashed a wide grin.

Lukas nodded expressionlessly, put Mathias' items in a bag, and handed them to him. Mathias took the bag. "Thanks. Oh and, uh... I was wondering.. Do you maybe want to go somewhere with me sometime..?"

"As in a date?"

Mathias rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "I guess you could call it that."

"What, you think I'm gay?"

Mathias' eyes widened, and his whole face turned a dark shade of red. "O-oh well I just figured.. You kinda seemed like--"

"Relax, I'm only kidding," Lukas interrupted. "Sure, I'll go on a date with you." He smiled lightly, but not out of kindness, because he thought the look on Mathias' face was absolutely priceless.

Mathias sighed in relief as his face returned to its normal color. "Oh, o-okay," he chuckled. "Can I have your number?" Lukas nodded, got out a sticky note, wrote his number, then handed it to Mathias. Mathias grinned. "Cool. Um, I'll call you," he told as he smiled and began to walk away.

Eh, what harm could it do to go on one date? After all, he didn't seem like a psycho or anything. He's noisy to the point where I flinch when he talks, but I'll only have to deal with it for this one date, Lukas contemplated.

When Lukas got off of work, it'd stopped raining, but he still wore Mathias' jacket. When he got home, he went in and threw Mathias' jacket in the washer. Emil was already home, since Leon would drive him home from school while Lukas was at work.

Emil walked into the kitchen, where Lukas was making dinner, and asked, "How was work?"

Lukas figured he shouldn't tell Emil about the date, as he didn't want Emil to ask many questions. Lukas didn't think it was that significant, anyways. "Oh, boring as usual."

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