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Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordics by silverthornes
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordi...by silverthornes
After hearing people saying how much they want to have the nordics in my original boyfriend scenarios, I decided to make them their own separate book. Feel free to m...
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by EnglandIceland
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby EnglandIceland
Hey! This is a co-op Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios book written by England (Me the writer) and Iceland (The Editor) (the two characters me and my friend are) The character...
A Nuclear Retaliation by Nicos-reallee-here
A Nuclear Retaliationby Lee
Our hero is tired of how he is being treated, and is ready to retaliate. He could do it alone, but he wants to find his allies. His real allies, not the ones he thought...
Hetalia X Reader Drabbles (Part 1!)  by PrincePrussia
Hetalia X Reader Drabbles (Part 1...by i love dick™
Just a bunch of Hetalia X Reader drabbles because all of these cute countries are cute and it's always fun to write about them. EDIT: THIS BOOK IS NOW CLOSED. I hit my...
I Don't Like to Share! Rusame vs UKUS by i_like_yaoi_anime
I Don't Like to Share! Rusame vs U...by Kawaii_potato5m
I'm bad at descriptions so just read the story please also none of the art is mine credit to all the wonderful artist there's also a bit of world/America cause why not
Product of The World (APH) by Alan_is_Luminous
Product of The World (APH)by Bruhiwannadie
"You turned him into what he is now..." • • • • • America is imperfect. He is filled with many flaws. The world knows this, and they take advantage of such...
DenNor Smut by jinkeyys
DenNor Smutby Pheobe Norm
This is my first smut/yaoi fanfic •-• Please...be kind
Vivieron [Hetalia] by SecondGray
Vivieron [Hetalia]by -Gray
Nadie estaba preparado para una apocalípsis biológica. Mucho menos (T/N). ---------------- Sí, es un Hetalia x Lectora de apocalípsis zombie :'v Más o menos en honor a S...
Beautiful Mess [UsUk / AmeDen] by saturnshipwreck
Beautiful Mess [UsUk / AmeDen]by Maya Talbot
Alfred Jones is a college student like any other, and the happiest young man in the entirety of New Haven. Once he meets a British student by the name of Arthur Kirkland...
Personality Swap [Hetalia] by OliverThePirate
Personality Swap [Hetalia]by bleh--
[REQUESTS ARE CLOSED] What happens when Canada has his personality switched with his brother? What happens when England wakes up one morning and feels like France? What...
I Just Need Some Time Alone (Rewrite) (Hiatus) by Allaloneinthevoid
I Just Need Some Time Alone (Rewri...by Allaloneinthevoid
the rewritten version of 'I Just Need Some Time Alone.' Alfred was tired he couldn't handel it anymore. He wanted to be their hero but he couldn't even be his own. He...
Best I've Ever Had || Nordics x Reader by CirculatoryArt
Best I've Ever Had || Nordics x Re...by CirculatoryArt
(Y/N) grew up alone in her early life, never having any close friends nor family to connect. Only when she met a silver-hair boy named Emil, did her world change. Soon...
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Child by Allyse7104
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Childby Allyse7104
*ON HIATUS* 5 boys run away together in hopes that they can start a new life away from their shitty lives. 4 years later, the boys are forced to return to their hometow...
Higher Ground [DenNor/SuFin] by DinosaurTrash
Higher Ground [DenNor/SuFin]by Dino
A Viking DenNor/SuFin Fanfiction, the fanfiction is a little bit inspired by a song. You have 3 main Viking tribes, The Bondevik tribe which is based on magic, but you...
Warmth~ (Dennor Hetalia) by Emoji_Elsi_
Warmth~ (Dennor Hetalia)by AphEngland
*This is completed!! ❤* "Hey Norge!" The Dane smiled brightly at the less amused Norwegian. "Urh what do you want Den?" Clearly annoyed, Lukas rolled...
Hetalia One Shots  by Ivan___Braginsky
Hetalia One Shots by Ivan Braginsky
Full of one shots of your favorite hetalia characters (oneshots, lemons, whatever) ~REQUESTS ARE OPEN!~
Home - Nordic 5 x Reader by LoveableLibra
Home - Nordic 5 x Readerby Rosie
Your life was normal, and you liked it that way. You had great friends and an awesome -though small- family that kept it exciting. Your mother and sister always showered...
Nucleic † Dennor by MaddiexRose
Nucleic † Dennorby spamano trash
Lukas works for a seemingly normal laboratory in Oslo until he hears loud cries coming from the floors below his level of clearance. Fearing the worst, he goes to invesi...
Cold Heart † Dennor by MaddiexRose
Cold Heart † Dennorby spamano trash
When Norway suddenly goes missing and a string of clues is left in the Nordic house it's Denmark's job to find the man he loves and bring him back to safety.
DenNor One Shots! by Mercutio_Destine
DenNor One Shots!by M
DenNor one shots b***h. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ CURSING Some r sad as frick ⚠️️WARNING⚠️️ Also I DO NOT own the characters. OR the cover art. Both are beautiful. But not mine.