En kannama - 3

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Akilan started driving, dhilip sat in the front seat and sakthi and Aditi sat in the back seat. They reached the place within a few minutes,

Dhilip: Intha veedu thaan.

Shakthi: Veedu nalla thana iruku.

Dhilip: Athu vedikala.  Atho antha veedu thaan.

He showed their outhouse.

Dhilip: Oru small room thaan irunthu iruku. Servant ku. Athula iruntha gas open panni vittu irukaan. First police thought, it was an accident. But antha letter paathu thaan ithu suicide nu therinchithu.

Shakthi: Oh. Security elam irukanga.

Aditi: Aale ila bellu.

Dhilip: Parra counter elam varuthu.

She just smiled. Aditi and Shakthi went inside first.

Security: Yaaru ma venum!?

Aditi: Avanga solluvaanga.

She said and went inside without even waiting for them.

Akilan: Romba thimuru da avaluku. Naama ena ava vacha aala.

Dhilip: Vidu da. Va. Morachite irukaatha avala maathiri.

He glared at her.

Akilan: Naanga intha place ah paakanum. We have permission.

He showed his ID to the security and he let them inside.

Dhilip: Inna theliva avan veeta vedika vaikaama, servant oda out house ah vedika vachi irukaan paaru.

Shakthi: Ilaaa.

Aditi: Veetu kulla poi paakalaam ah!?

Security nodded and went to take the key.

Dhilip: Nalla cooperate pandraanga ila.

Shakthi hummed.

Aditi: Yaaro solli kudutha maathiri.

He came with a key and opened the door. They went to check in the rooms. Shakthi and Aditi went to the terrace.

Akilan: Aditi enga?

Dhilip: Terrace paaka poi irukaanga.

He sighed.

Akilan: Vantha veliya vittutu-

Dhilip: Machan

Akilan: Ena da?

Dhilip: Antha ponnu yen morachite iruku epo paarthalum.

Akilan: Enaku epdi theriyum?

Dhilip: Ila. Ava avlo strict aana ponnu maathiri therila. Just apdi venum nae pandra maathiri iruku.

Akilan: Vantha velaiya paapom ahh?

Dhilip: Un kita poi ketta paaru.


Shakthi: Akka akka akka.

Aditi: En di kathara.

Shakthi: Anga paarunga.

They widened their eyes. Someone from the neighborhood terrace pointed a gun towards the house they were standing in. It was not pointed towards them. But he is pointing the gun towards someone in this house. They ran downstairs and looked at the place where he pointed. Akilan was standing there, looking at a bookshelf. There is a window right next to him, she ran towards him and pushed him,

Aditi: Akil.

She shouted. He fired already. she was not shot, but the bullet just scratched the skin of her left arm and hit the mirror.

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