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Married To My Brother's Boss Completed ✔️ by crusheddreamzzz
Married To My Brother's Boss priya sinha
Natasha gets married to her brother's boss. It all started with a single meet,when she went to give her brother his tiffin carrier in his office. He sees her and then he...
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The Luna's Journey by furmommyof6
The Luna's Journeyby Furmommy of 6
My name is Renee Lawrence, I'm 18 and the future Luna of the Harvest Moon Pack. When I turned 18 I figured I would find my mate, fall instantly in love, and together we...
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Falling for my teacher  by Gio_lover__
Falling for my teacher by
"Gio you could lose you job for this" "I don't care as long as I have you"
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All I want is your love by foxzybrown
All I want is your loveby Fawzyyah shallangwa
A love story Aisha is just a small town girl living a simple life who met Usman the handsome, tall, classy and successful guy in a mall. Was their meeting by faith? The...
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bleach Ichigo x reader love at first site by beccadruer1
bleach Ichigo x reader love at beccadruer1
new story here info you will need : there will be more later in the story (y/n) your name (h/l) hair length (h/c) hair color (e/c) eye color (s/t) skin tone (f/f) favo...
Hidden Creatures {Slowly Editing} by happilyher
Hidden Creatures {Slowly Editing}by h a p p i l y h e r
"Why won't you just let me ravish your delightful body dear?" He said in a dark husky voice that rippled through my body. Just as I went to answer his question...
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How you and Natasha Romanoff became a thing by NR2045
How you and Natasha Romanoff NR2045
I suck already at descriptions but this my first fanfic so enjoy. Basically its you x Natasha Romanoff story with an endless amount love and compassion.
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Now or Never by Shawmilaaddict
Now or Neverby shiham hayudini
Shawn Mendes a Basketball athlete, every girls dream boy and Camila Cabello, a transfer student from Cuba and let's just say it wasn't the best idea. Both teens study i...
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Curvaceous Creations by ChocolatePhatQueen
Curvaceous Creationsby Miss Phia H.
So these are not necessarily one shots... They're just like quick excerpts or short shots. Sometimes I just have a certain scene in my mind and I just type it up on my p...
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My Stepsister by Allison_Starz
My Stepsisterby Allison Starz
They aways knew that they liked each other as sisters but what these two didn't tell each other was that they were actually something more than that. The first time they...
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Now You Notice Me by Gio_lover__
Now You Notice Meby
The girl from the past isn't coming back Kiara us a gurl who gets bullied by a guy named Alex Guzman or Blesiv. One day she comes home from school and sees her sister a...
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Supa Strikas: I'm in love. by AniediEdetArchibong
Supa Strikas: I'm in Aniedi Edet Archibong
In this story Shakes is gonna fall in love ( sorry can't say with who ) read to find out.
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Hopeless by reagan_h15
Hopelessby reagan.h
Ellie Patterson is a Tennessee raised girl. Just as she thought life couldn't get any worse, it does. She finds out devastating news about her dad which causes her other...
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Meeting Hayes Grier by Fuckinhayesgrier
Meeting Hayes Grierby Fuckinhayesgrier
A girl who met Hayes Grier at one of his events she was that type of girl who was shy not really looking for love until she found Hayes she loved like she never did befo...
My Psycho  by 0-fucks-given
My Psycho by 0-fucks-given
When Noe moves to a new town she meets a cute boy Donn. They don't know but they both share a secret, they're the two most wanted killers in California
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Loving us by Lilpumps_wife
Loving usby -freshlee
This story is about 4 girls who fall hopelessly in love with bad boys but after the boys find out about the girls past they didn't know the girls would happen to act and...
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Just Neighbors? by SpillingTea24-7
Just Neighbors?by SpillingTea24-7
Someone finally buys the house next door to Betty Cooper after it being empty for longer then Betty has been alive. When she meets her new neighbor, she immediately feel...
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Him by kaitlynlily
Himby kaitlyn hunt
I liked him so much but I didn't know why, it bothered me so much.
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What The Heart Wants (Under Re-edition) by perrishh_
What The Heart Wants (Under JBlover
Selena the most popular girl in school and inlove with Harry the most popular boy in school. They are the couple everyone loves and look up to. But what happens When the...
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how did I get here? (date story) by Sans-the-bonehead
how did I get here? (date story)by Sans-the-bonehead
This is the story of me and my girl friend and how we started dating!