En kannama - 8

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She came and stood in front of Akilan and closed her eyes tightly to take the stab for him, but she felt nothing, she slowly opened her eyes and looked down, the knife is right in front of her chest but a hand is holding it tight, she turned her head to look at Akilan,

He left the knife and gave him a hard kick, he turned to her and smiled at her,

Akilan: Intha scene elam inga ila Kannama. Ena vida, unaku etha problem na thaan, na innum active ah yosipa-

He pulled her beside him and kicked the person who tried to hit her while he was talking,

Akilan: Innum strong ah thirupi adipa.

She kept looking at him,

Akilan: Kai la ratham varuthu. Etha pannu di.

She looked at his hand that is bleeding as he held the knife to save her, She took her kerchief and tied it in his hand. He kept looking at her while Dhilip and Jagan where fighting with them,

Aditi: Valikutha?

Akilan: Ila.

Aditi: Hospital polaam ah?

Akilan: Innum fight scene mudilaye.

He pulled her aside and went back to fight with them. Jagan's team arrived at that time with Manikandan. They got arrested.

Jagan: I'll go with them.

He nodded.

Akilan: Dhilip neeyum kooda po.

Dhilip: Sari. Aditi, ivana hospital kooptu po ma.

She nodded. He got on his car, she hesitated. He sighed.

Akilan: Innum madam ku kovam pogalaya?! Sari cab la polaam ah?

Aditi: Venam. Na drive pandra. Neenga intha seat ku vaanga.

He smiled and got down without any argument. She started and he kept looking at her,

Akilan: Nalla nadikara di aana.

She glared at him.

Aditi: Ne ena panna?

Akilan: Ena pudikaatha maathiri nadikariye atha sonna.

She chuckled.

Aditi: Athula nadika ena iruku? Enaku pudikaathu thaan.

Akilan: Aprom yen-

Aditi: Yaaruka irunthaalum na poi ninnu irupa. Ungala kaapatha thaan vantha nu nenaikaatheenga sir.

He chuckled.

Akilan: Na atha sollala.

Aditi: Vera ena?

He turned away with smirk.

Aditi: Ungala thaan kekkara, vera ena?

Akilan: Onnum ila. Ne road ah paathu drive pannu.

Aditi: Ethayaachu pottu confuse pannikaatheenga sir. Enaku ungala pudikaathu thaan. Ithu ungaluku doubt elam venam.

Akilan: Aprom yen di innum antha thaali un kazhuthula iruku.? Epavo un manusula irunthu ennayum un kazhutha iruntha thaali yum thooki erinchita nu sonna.

She stopped the car suddenly. She looked down to find a slight view of the yellow thread over her dress. She didn't say anything. She started the car and reached the hospital,

Doctor: Hey Akilan, ena rendu maasam ah session ku varala?

Akilan: Hello Doctor, was busy.

Doctor: Okay okay. Kaila ena?

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