Chapter 2

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"I know you know where she is!" I yell at Constantine. He has to know.

"Zatanna is working on a location spell right now, Robin," he tells me.

"Well tell her to do it faster! Raven could be hurt or in danger!"

"We know! We're working as fast as we can! Robin, we'll find her. I promise," Constantine says.

"We have the whole Justice League and all their allies looking for her, Damian. And if she somehow did get kidnapped, you know they can't hold her for long," Superman tells me. He's right. Raven is not only a good combat fighter, but she's half demon. One of the most powerful people in the world. The door opens and Zatanna walks in.

"What did you find? Where is she?" I demand.

"On the bright side, you can tell the League to stop looking for her. They won't find her here," Zatanna says.

"Then where is she?" I growl.

"A different universe."

"Then why can't she just teleport back?"

"Not even Raven can teleport universes on her own. If I had to guess, I'd say her portals will be offline for at least a week because she's in a different universe," Zatanna says.

"Then how is she supposed to get back? And how did she get there in the first place?" I ask. What if she's hurt and can't teleport to get help? What if she's in the middle of the woods with no food or water? What if-stop. Your mother trained you better. But it's Raven. I can't stop worrying.

"We could make a portal, but it'll take about a week to prepare," Constantine says.

"How many people can go?" I ask.

"Ten, at most, not counting me," Constantine replies.

"The Titans and I are coming, obviously," Nightwing says. So me, Kori, Garfield, Jaime, Donna, and Dick. Six.

"I'm coming too," Superman tells us. I scowl. I don't like Superman. But he would be an asset in battle if the need arises.

"If Robin and Nightwing are going, so am I," Batman says. I roll my eyes. Now my father is coming. Eight.

"Victor will want to come too," Nightwing inputs. Nine.

"Okay, I think that's quite enough people," Constantine interrupts before we can think of anyone else.

"Agreed. Everyone, I suggest you continue with your normal lives until we're ready to go," Batman says. Everyone nods and starts going home through the Boom Tube. Until all that's left is me and Batman. I scowl at him.

"Father, we don't need your help," I snap.

"Damian, you're going into a different universe, with no clue what's it like. I think you do," Batman tells me.

"We have it handled," I growl.

"I'm not discussing this with you, son," Batman sighs. I just shake my head and go through the Boom Tube. Hold on, Raven. We're coming.

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