Chapter 1: Bike

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The sunlight gleams lighting up the sky as the moon slowly takes its place

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The sunlight gleams lighting up the sky as the moon slowly takes its place.

The warmth sinks into my skin and my soul heals crack by crack.

I spot Pat, the post man.

"Hi Pat!" I smile and wave slowing the speed on my bike.

"Afternoon, Penelope," A frown spreads on his face, "You're far from home this late, do you need a ride?"

"It's a ten minute ride, i'll be fi-ooo Pat is there a letter for me today?"

He nods, "At home kiddo,"

"Thank you."

I smile and continue on my way to the florist.

I climb off my pastel yellow bike and click down the bike stand before going through the door.

The owner, Gracie looks at me.

"What are you doing here, P? Your curfew is soon."

"I know," I smile, "I just wanted some flowers for my mum."

She nods in understanding and i dwandle around making a quick bouquet. I often come in, so Gracie lets me do the bouquets how i like.

A worm falls out a pot and goes toppling to the ground.

"Oh you poor wormy." I pick it up and it wiggles in my hand.

I laugh as it tickles, "Aren't you a little cutie patootie."

"Are you nearly done? I've got to get going." Gracie says.

"One moment."

I put the worm in the pot and quickly leave the store putting the flowers in my basket.

I begin riding home and i feel happy.

I like to feel the sun. I like to feel happy. I don't like feeling sad. It makes me feel horrible.

My legs works faster as i try and get home before curfew.

My dad will get mad and i don't want to be hur-i'm peddling and i hear a sudden pop and watch as my front tire deflates.

I quickly climb off and put the stand up.

"Oh no. No, no, no."

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