Chapter 2: Talking it Through

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It had been two weeks since he's taken out the Huntress and is now ready to enact his plan.

He was able search through the rogue Huntress's scroll which led him to finding Sion's message to the Huntress to a abandoned factory where after staking it out for two days he found him.

When Hector saw him he saw all of the previous Huntsmen and Huntresses handiwork.

He was probably the most scarred, burned and... a part of his chest was messing.

However they all missed one crucial detail regarding Sion... he still wasn't over the death of his family.

All the other Huntsmen and Huntresses would tell him that his family wouldn't approve of this which only resulted in him getting alot more aggressive and dangerous.
So Hector would try a different approach.

He would try and convince Sion to simply let himself die. As crazy as that sounded Hector knew this type of anger and understood it.

A few moments later...

Sion sat on his chair with a bottle of whiskey. Thinking about the day he lost them... his wife and his daughter who was no older than four.

He began chugging the whiskey until he heard footsteps which he immediately took out his fire sword and aimed it at the noise.

He then heard what sounded like a kid no whose voice sounded muffled as if he was talking through a gas mask.

"Really Sion? This is what you do now?"

"I don't have time for games... show yourself!" Sion demanded as he looked around.

"No Sion I ain't here to kill you." The voice said with it echoing through the dead factory.

Sion simply scoffed before launching a using his sword to launch a flame at one of the areas where he thought the voice was coming from.

"Why do you keep fighting? I thought you were tired of this god forsaken world."

"Shut up and fight me!" Sion yelled as he launched two more flames which let up even more but the voice simply laughed as if mocking him.

"Heheheh, what makes you think I'm here? What if I'm just your in your head?"

Sion then heard inaudible whispers intercepted by a constant mocking laughter. Sion then started to blindly fire at everything around him in a attempt to find whoever was trying to make a fool out of him.

But as the voices got louder aswell as the laughter he did question himself.

Why am I still fighting? What will it be for in the end?

"Who are you?!" Sion yelled out.

"The person who'll help you see them again." And as soon as the kid said that the voices stopped and all was quiet except for sizzling of the fires he started.

"Let go... not them but this world. Clear your mind and let yourself go. You can see them again." He said calmly.

The memories of his family began flooding his mind as he took deep breaths. All the others who tried to take him down only answered back in anger and violence but whoever this kid was... offered something better.

But as he felt himself letting go his body began collapse on itself but before as he stumbled around he heard someone approaching but it wasn't as if they were running but rather walking calmly.

He was about to fall on his back until he was caught and was slowly lowered to the ground. He finally saw the person who did him in.

A short kid wearing a gas mask with a crudely painted white smile on the visor. As laid him on the ground he said

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