Chapter 35

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(The following day)

I was on class on my usual seat at the back near the window, looking outside through it. We were attending Physics with Mr Lorth again.

"The invention of techn..." Mr Lorth said before he was cut off by the door being slammed open.

"Oh it's you. I see you are back and you're late again just like always" Mr Lorth said to the person who slammed the door open.


I'm Asher Kingston the only heir to the Russian Mafia and the Kingston companies.

I slammed the door open resulting in everyone's attention going to me except the girl who was at the back near the window looking outside.

I have never seen her before. Moreover she was seating on my seat which no one has ever dared to seat on, until now.

"Oh it's you. I see you are back and you're late again just like always" Mr Lorth said.

This teacher though has guts, he fears me just like everyone and I like it that way. I ignored Mr Lorth and walked towards the girl who was on my seat looking through the window.

"Get out of my seat"

"And you are?" She said still looking outside the window.

"That's non of your business, now get out of my seat" I said losing my calm.

She turned to look at me and damn was she beautiful. Her greyish eyes and long eyelashes along with those pink lips that... fuck what's wrong with you Asher.

"I would have but I don't see your name on it so I think it's not anyone's." The nerve of this girl.

"How dare you..." I angrily said before Mr Lorth cut me off.

"Will you seat down and keep quite Mr" Mr Lorth said.

I glared at the girl one last time before seating on the chair besides her. She didn't seem faced by my glare instead she just kept her emotionless face. Who the hell is she?

I looked at her as her attention went back to outside she wasn't even listening to Mr Lorth.

The siren rang indicating the end of the lesson. She was the first person to walk out of the class.

I picked my bag and walked to my locket were my friends Nate and Chris always wait for me.

Nate is my future second in command when I succeed the mafia whereas Chris is the heir of the French Mafia, we three have been best friends since we were kids even our parents are best friends. Nate's father is my dad's second in command.

"Yoh Asher" They both said when I neared my locket. We had a bro hug and I opened the locket, put my bag inside before closing it and we walked to the cafeteria.

We sat on our usual table which was far away from everyone else.

I looked around until my gaze set on that girl who sat on my chair this morning. She was seating with another girl who was a bit nerdy at a corner table.

The nerdy girl was happily talking whereas the chair girl was looking at her with a blank look.

"Who is she"I asked Nate and Chris my gaze still set on the girl.

"Who?"Nate asked and followed my gaze.

"Oh you mean her? She is Alissa Romano the Romano's sister they are triplets by the way". He said.

Alissa Romano? I have never heard of her before.

How are they triplets though cause as far as I know the late Donna of the Spanish mafia had only two sons which were twins. Whatever it's non of my business anyway.

"How did you know that? She just came yesterday dude"Chris asked him.

"Oh I was just curious of the girl who got in detention on her first day of school after breaking a girls face and nose causing her to bleed and poured hot soup on another girl so I hacked on her files" he said.

She did that on her first day of school? Pfft I can't believe it. I mean look at her she looked calm and composed.

"How do you know she was in detention"I asked

"Because we were there with her inside the detention class" Nate said

"She's breathtaking to be honest she took my breath away the first time I saw her" Chris dreamily said.

"Same bro same"Nate said and I glared at them for what I don't know.


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