Chapter 23

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I and my sister continued to eat while Aid was talking to uncle Eric. Until her phone rang, everyone stopped talking and looked at her even me.

Even though she could feel everyone's eyes on her and could hear her phone ring she didn't look up from her plate.

She was about to pick the phone when it rang for the third time but paused when she saw the caller id. After sometime she picked the phone up.

"Hello?" she said calmly.

"Cosa c'è con lui?" she said in Italian and I noticed everyone except me and my brother becoming tensed because of the language she is using.

"Egli era quello che?" Her voice slowly begins to get louder and angrier.

"Da chi?"she said. Her nails begin to into her palm almost causing blood to draw.

"Dov'è adesso?" She asked . I looked around trying to see if someone understood what she said but to my dismay everyone looked clueless.

"Non mi interessa quello che ha detto, dimmi solo dove Lui è se tu valore la tua vita" she said with a voice that sent shivers through my spine. I wish I new Italiano.

"Va bene, subito un biglietto per me, voglio un volo che parta la mattina presto". She said.

"Non mi interessa in cazzo, fai solo quello che ti ho detto che devi fare". She shouted and stood up almost knocking the chair down, she looked at me and Aid sent a small smile that didn't even reach her face and left out of the dinning room still in the phone.

"Digli che sto arrivando e non può fermarci". Clearly she hadn't walked far enough.

I was shocked never in the few years I have known Ali have I ever heard her talk like that, full of anger and hate she had always been a calm person.

Everyone looks at each other in complete shock I don't know if it was because of the yelling and the cold aura that was coming from the quietest and calmness girl you could ever meet or that she spoke Italiano like it was her first language.

"How does she know how to speak Italiano?" Uncle Matt asked. That was a good question but I have no idea. There is no way she used to live in Italy cause our mother showed us the documents that stated that our father is a Canadian and she leaved in Canada with him.

"Honestly we don't know" Aid answered looking at me to see if I had an answer. I just shrugged my shoulders and turned back to my food.

"What do you mean you don't know? Isn't she like your sister?" Lorenzo asked.

"It's a long story" Aid answered before continuing to eat

"We don't mind just tell us the story" Uncle Eric said.

" Okay um long story short, our mother sent Alissa to live with our dad whom we don't know, for 'protection'. She came back 3 years ago" Aid said quoting the word protection.

"You saying you have no idea how your sister lived for 13 years?" Alonzo added. Aid nodded his head. God knows what happened to my sister all these years we were not with her. We never knew we have a sister until 3 years ago, our mother never mentioned her.

"What kind of a mother sends her daughter off"Uncle Mike chimed in.

"Our mother did what she thought was best for us so kindly don't talk ill about her." Aid said. Our mother had always cared and protected me and my brother but I never knew why she behaved indifferently with Ali.

"I'm finished" I announced, I can't continue to sit here while these nosey people ask us many questions. I stood up and walked out of the dinning room.

"Ari wait" someone called out from behind me, I turn around to see Aid on my trail. I slowed down to allow him to catch up.

"Do you think we should tell them about the Maf..." He said as soon as he was next to me before I cut him off.

"No, why should we? You never know their next move" I said as we walked up the stairs to our rooms.

"I wasn't going to tell them, they have no right to know" he said.

"Let's check on Ali first" Aid said and I nodded. We went inside Ali's room to find her sleeping.

"She's already asleep" Aid said.

We kissed her forehead and wished her a goodnight before going out to our rooms.

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