Chapter 21

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Today is the day we go to the mall. I was readying myself.

 I was readying myself

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My outfit 👆

After I was done I went downstairs to the kitchen. No one was around except for Ryder who was sat on a stool near the kitchen counter eating an apple.

I walked passed him and made cereal for myself, after I was done making it I sat on another stool that was a little far away from him and started to eat.
I felt his eyes on me all this time until I couldn't take it anymore.

"What do you want" I said calmly eating my cereal.

"Hahahaha nothing I want nothing, I was just examining you that's all" he laughed and said while moving to a stool that was opposite mine.

"Anyway why are you up early?" he asked looking at me.

I sighed and looked up at him.

"None of your business" I said.
"Okay" he said chuckling

"How's it living here?"he said, but when he saw that I wasn't going to answer he continued asking many questions about mom and how was it to live with her and to be a triplet. I didn't answer a single question and I even finished my cereal.

I stood up and washed the bowl inside the sink.

"Why wash the bowl though when we have maids or is it because you're not used to having them?" Ryder asked walking from his stool to stand beside me. I ignored him and attempted to leave but he stood infront of me.

"Why do you keep ignoring me 'cousin' " he said grinning at me.

"Just. what. do. you. want" I said through gritted teeth. I'm about to lose my calm right now. If only I could kill him, well I can it's just that Dad told me not to yet.

"Wanna hang out sometime?" he said.

"No" I said and walked past him to my brother Aid's room but not before hearing him shouting 'of course we will'

I knocked on the door until I heard a come in. I opened it and got inside before closing it.

"Something wrong?" A shirtless Aid said but I ignored him and jumped on his bed on my back and sighed.

"Te estoy preguntando algo Ali" he said in Spanish. ( I'm asking you something )

"No, nothing is wrong" I said.

"Okay" he said putting on his t- shirt.

"Aid ¿Has visto a Ali, he estado buscando..." Ari said budging into Aid's room but stopped talking when he saw me. ( Have you seen Ali?, I have been looking for... )

"Oh, aquí ella es" Ari continued. ( Here she is )

"Why are you looking for her?" Aid asked him.

"Ninguna cosa" he said and layed on Aid's bed beside me. ( Nothing )

After sometime a knock sounded on the door and Aid went to answer it. A minute later he closed the door.

"¿Quién fue?" Ari asked. ( Who was it? )

"Una doncella" Aid answered. ( A maid ). " She said she was told to tell us that it's time to go"

I heard Ari cursing under his breath as he got up from the bed.

"What's with your outfits" I ask as I stood from the bed.

"Oh, we knew you would obviously were black so we too wored black so that we could match" Aid said smiling sheepishly.

These brothers of mine. I smiled internally.

"Let's go" Aid said and walked out the door as we followed him.

We walked downstairs to the living room to see the relatives we will be going with along with Ryder who was grinning while waving at me.

"Let's go kids" Elina said and we followed her outside were 2 cars were, a red Lamborghini and a grey Jeep.

"As you see we are going with two cars, I will be going with Rocco and the triplets while Ryder will go with Theo, Mia and cam is that good?" Said Elina.

"Noo I wanna go with you mom" Mia whined.

"But..." Elina said before she was cut off.

"It's okay, she can swap with Alissa I wouldn't mind going with her" Ryder chipped in.

"Okay if Alissa doesn't mind" Elina said looking at my expressionless face.

"Of course she wouldn't mind" Mia said looking at me with what seemed like a glare but to be honest she looked like she was constipated.

"Did she tell you that" Ari said calmly to her

"No but...."

"Then shut the f*ck up"he shouted making her shiver.

"It's okay Ari I don't mind" I said calmly while patting his shoulder.

"Are you sure?" He asked looking at me.

I didn't answer but rather looked at him with my emotionless face.

"Okay okay fine" he said raising his hands up in defeat.

"Right, now that this is sorted let's get going" Elina clapped her hands.

"Be careful hermana" Aid said patting my shoulder.

Jeez I'm not a kid plus what can happen to me? I mean come on I could kill thousands of people in one day and many if not all fear my name.

"Let's go Alissa" Ryder said getting inside the Lamborghini's driver seat. I sat on my usual seat which is behind the driver's seat while Camille sat on the passenger one and Theo behind her.


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