Chapter 22

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I was looking through the car window until someone tapped on my shoulder.

I knew it was Theo so I turned my gaze to him.

"Uhm... hey" Theo shyly said. Come on bro when you kill people you are never shy why now then tsk tsk.

I looked at him intensely with my brows raised waiting for him to continue.

"Could you pass me that book?" He asked pointing to the book that was underneath me.

I nodded and picked the book up and gave it to him.

"Thanks" he said and I hummed.

"What you guys talking about?" Ryder asked without looking at us since he was driving.

"Nothing" Theo said reading the book I gave him.

"It can't be nothing. Right Alissa?" Ryder said looking at me through the mirror but I ignored him.

"Are you deaf can't you hear brother is talking to you" Camille said.

"Cam... it's okay" Ryder said.

"We have arrived at the mall ladies and gentleman" Ryder said parking the car.

As we got out of the car Elina's jeep arrived, they got off it and walked over to us.

"You good?"Aid asked me and I nodded.

"Which store first?" Ryder asked.

"Stationary store then the electronic store and then we buy clothes, after that food." Elina suggested.

"The uniforms?" Ryder asked

"That's already sorted with the tailor, they will be sent tomorrow." Elina said. I'm not surprised that they already know our sizes since I didn't think I needed to hide them.

It was now time to shop for clothes.

"Mommy let's go to the Gucci store I need that latest bag" Mia said with her annoying voice.

"Yes aunt I too want that latest Gucci watch" Camille squealed too.

"Okay you two may go to the Gucci store to buy what you want, here take Eric's card" Elina said giving them a card. They took it and ran to the Gucci store.

" So where do you guys want to buy clothes?" Elina asked us.

"Thanks madam but we have enough clothes we don't need new ones" Aid said.

"Oh please don't call me madam call me aunt and I wouldn't mind buying you more clothes " she said.

"I don't even think they have proper clothes" Rocco said to himself loudly.

"Oh really? Are you sure?" Aries said smirking.

"It's okay aunt we really have enough clothes and if not we will buy for ourselves" Aid said.

"Okay let's go to to McDonald's to buy what we will eat" Elina said walking towards the food store and we followed her.

We arrived at McDonald's and ordered our food. Elina, Rocco, Theo and Ryder both ordered steak, chips and coke, my brothers and I ordered chicken nuggets, chips and coke while the b*tches who arrived recently ordered green salads and green tea.

After we finished eating we went back to the castle, we arrived there in the afternoon.

I was too tired when we arrived so I went straight to my room to get a rest.

I was sleeping soundly until I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in" I said without opening my eyes.

The door opened and by the footsteps I could tell that it was the same maid who showed me the way to the dinning room the day we arrived here.

"Ma'am I was told to tell you that dinner will be ready in 20minutes" the maid said.

"Mm, by the way what's your name?" I asked her still with my eyes closed.

"It is Lyfa ma'am" she said.

"Okay Lyfa I will be there" I said and she left after closing my door.

I stood up from my bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After I was done with everything I went downstairs to the dinning table and sat on my usual seat. After 5 minutes everyone was seated and we stated eating.

"So how was your day at the mall" Eric asked.

"It was great daddy I even bought that latest Gucci bag" Mia excitedly said.

"Yes uncle it was good even I bought that latest Gucci watch I wanted. I can't wait to show it off at school." Camille squealed.

" How about you guys" Eric asked me and my brothers.

"Fine it was fine" Aid said while me and Aries continued to eat.

"Just fine?" Uncle Mike asked

"Yep just fine" Aid said.


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